Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why People Get Fed Up With Rv.Net

Many good posters have left the Rv.Net forums over the last couple of years especially in the Rving Mexico Central and South America forum.  I can understand why.  I have read the rules numerous times and have yet to understand how and when threads can get "deleted" or "closed" and what the difference is. 

One of the major issues lies with the moderators.  In the case of the Mexico forum, the current moderator no longer rvs in Mexico.  Strange to have someone moderating a forum without current knowledge of the issues related to Mexico.  Also,  the heavy-handedness of the moderation.   A moderator is someone who isn't on either side but has the ability to guide the discussion.  Wow, I guess Rv.Net doesn't have a handle on their moderators, give them any training, or scrutinize their credentials before hiring them.

I post this because many of the threads where Mexico is being bashed are allowed to stay open long enough to allow people on the bashing side to get their comments in, but when someone from Mexico attempts to show a comparison, the thread gets clipped.   Mostly when it comes to someone like myself who in the case of a thread from yesterday where the subject of corruption in Mexico comes up and I mention the fact that corruption exists in the U.S. and Canada but under different names such as; fraud, embezzlement, bribery and all of a sudden, clipped.

I guess I have the option to go somewhere else where the forum is open to international guests because by gosh, good ole Cornpone, Hickory, Boots, and Pickles, just to name a few won't allow someone to talk down their country like they talk down mine.

And people wonder why others hate them.  Wow, truly amazing.


  1. This not a problem specific to I and many others on the Montana Owers forum got kicked off. They only wanted positive things and our 5W was an absolute peice of crap and did complain, but mostly wanted to know how to fix stuff.

    Nothing seems to be neutral or bipartisan any more. My way or the highway--we usually opt for the highway.

  2. Yikes...I just checked in there...what a joke that forum is!

    Much better at the facebook page "On the Road in Mexico" because you don't get many of the people who have no intention of being here anyhow.

  3. Hola mis Amiga, We have lived in MX twice for two year periods and plan to leave the US again in May to live in Mexico. We totally agree with you that folks have a really skewed view of the life that is totally amazing in MX. We are returning in our RV to live out our lives where the weather is perfect and life is healthy. Our sister taught at the Univ in Monterrey in the 90's. She was in the school of Nursing. We visited her there several times and she later taught at UNAM in MX City. She is now retired in Ajijic and Cuyutlan. She was quite the adventurer and we followed along. We enjoy your opinions and agree with them. Mexico is such an amazing place. Hope to meet you sometime. C, H, and Boo too

  4. Outstanding story there. What happened after? Take care!

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  5. I agree, I still post there, but it is heavy handed. I am a wagon master for Caravanas de Mexico and I spend 6 months a year down there..