Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back In Monterrey

Actually, we came home on Sunday in the afternoon.   We left the rv park on Saturday and drove in a pretty bad storm over to McAllen where we spent the night parked at a friend's house.  Other friends from Monterrey had come up for the three-day weekend, it was Constitution Day on Monday.   We had a carne asada, danced and drank until around 11 p.m.

We headed out at 11 a.m. Sunday morning and I couldn't wait to get across the border.  Trust me when I say we had a good time at the rv park, people were very friendly and most of all we met Mike and Pat.  They were a blast to hang around with and we may do a house swap in the future.  In fact, if we don't put the house on the market, we may be looking for house sitters so we can travel.

The month of January was cheap for us.  We spent a total of 900 dollars, however, our space rent was a special rate of 189 dollars for one month.  It wasn't worth it.   Apart from the nice people we met, like Donna, McAllen and the town of La Feria was Dullsville population 250.   We were bored out of our minds.   You can only shop so much and then sit around and look at each other.   We actually invented things to do.  In Mexico, there is no inventing, there is so much going on around you.

So now we are home and I have already whined via email to our friends Kevin and Ruth.  I am speaking at a mega event at the Monterrey art gallery (Marco) on March 3rd, so that will keep us home until then.   I am ready to take off again.  It is cold and rainy here at home and we could be sitting at the beach in Cancun or Acapulco.  Bummer!

We have from March 3rd to April 20th to travel a bit before returning home.   My brother and his wife are returning again this April but they are flying into Monterrey.   They will spend the night and then we leave on the 23rd for a one-week car trip through colonial Mexico.   I am looking for a rental now in San Miguel de Allende.  We will use that as a base.   Juan and I are working up a very loose itinerary for that week.  I think we can do SMA, Bernal, and Queretaro as day trips. 

Any suggestions are welcome including a good rental in SMA.


  1. Chris e mail me with more details about you want for your rental in SMA and i will look around this week for you cheers Les

  2. I just came here to tell you that Les is the new rental agent for SMA but he already posted! He works cheap too!

  3. "We actually invented things to do. In Mexico, there is no inventing, there is so much going on around you."

    I totally agree....whenever you turn around in Mexico there is something interesting to see or to partake in, even if it just helping the fishermen pull in their net off the beach.

    Once the Durango highway is complete you should be able to whip over here to Maz for a few days whenever you have the time.

  4. Sure you know about La Gruta hot springs between SMA and Delores Hildago. Visit Delores and take a break there on the way back to SMA

  5. Yep, you guys are too young for the Rio Grande Valley scene. (If you can call it a "scene". I had my mom fly in a couple years ago when I was there. She loved it. But she was 85 at the time. I am guessing about the time I am 75 or so that kind of life will start to appeal to me.

  6. We spent one night in McCallan - enough of that. Our friends tell us we should winter in Arizona, but can only figure out about a week of things to do. So it will be back to Mexico again. Taking friends to Copper Canyon for trips to Urique and Batophilas(the back roads from Cerochaui to Batophilas could be a little too hazardous), cursing around the Sierra Madre near Valles and Xalapa, and finding all the snorkeling spots along the Riviera Maya will keep us occupied for several years.