Saturday, January 28, 2012

Farmer's Market and the Brownsville Zoo

Last night we went nback to our friends house in McAllen for a cookout.   We had some great steaks, guacamole with beans and rice.  We stayed until around 11:30 last night which was way past my bedtime.  It was fun though and we looked at a lot of old pictures Juan had put together on a PP presentation.  

This morning we got up around 7:30 and in time to get cleaned up to go to Brownsville with our neighbors.  They had invited us to visit the farmer's market and the zoo.   We had a blast.

First part of the market was all organic produce and meats.  One girl was selling fresh tamales made with olive oil, they were really good and we each ate one of those and then split a small burrito made with homemade chorizo but pure meat, fresh spices (nothing dried or powdered) and no yucky stuff in the chorizo.  It was one of the best chorizos I have ever tasted.

Not a lot of vendors but if you like organic, this is the place and worth the drive.  We found prices very competative with supermarket prices for non-organic.
Our friends Mike and Pat savoring an olive oil tamal made with organic cheese and peppers

We crossed the street to go the zoo. I haven't been to a zoo for many years but I can tell you I was impressed with the  selection of wildlife that they have here in Brownsville.  However, the zoo has some beautiful areas but it doesn't appear to be well-maintained.  I understand that many zoos suffer for lack of funding both local and federal. 

The mother gorilla gave birth two weeks ago and we found her nursing.

BTW, we went to Nuevo Progresso yesterday against strong advice from the U.S. government.  We weren't shot at, beaten, robbed, just had a good old time and some great food.  We spoke to several locals about trouble there and they all agreed that the town is only 15 blocks long and 6 blocks wide.  They have yet to see anything that has been spread via rumors.  They all agree it is a plan to keep them out of business and competing with valley doctors and dentists. 


  1. Mazatlan just opened an organic market, every Sat AM from 8AM till noon @ Plazuela Zaragoza. It is a hit!!

  2. We found prices very competative with supermarket prices for non-organic.

    That's surprising! Usually if you see the word "organic" it's a reason to add 50% to the price!

    You didn't see any heads rolling by in Mexico? That's surprising too!

  3. SMA has an organic market on Saturdays too. Monterrey supermarkets all sell organic, but as Kevin said about Canada and the U.S., the prices tend to be higher, but not 50%.