Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 9 - La Feria "It Gets Busy Around Here"

Wow, sorry for not posting but the days here are very busy.  If we aren't shopping or eating there must be an rv show going on.   On Thursday we went next door to the Texas Trader where they were holding an open house, I guess as a prelude to the big rv show in Mercedes on Friday.  They had food, music and a lot of really used up rvs.   We went through all the consignment units, most of them were in pretty bad shape.   They weren't old but just not well-maintained.  I loved the motorhomes and there were some bargains here but it would take quite a bit to get them back in good shape.  Funny how some people live. 

Then on Friday we took off early in the morning for the rv show in Mercedes.  That was a blast.  There were more rvs than you could shake a stick at and we did them all including Class Bs, motorhomes, park models, travel trailers, heavy, long, short and light, green and environmentally safe.

We met up with Bill and Sharon who are staying in Alamo and heading out tomorrow.  They were there before us but we got there right after nine a.m.   We shopped and talked for almost four hours before we decided we had seen everything there was to see and it was time for a good Mexican lunch. 

We took them to a real dive of a place that we had eaten ate earlier in the week.   Excellent food although short on menu.   It was worth the drive not to mention the fact that there was no need for supper that night either.

Last night, Saturday, we went to visit a friend from Monterrey who lives in Mission, Tx.  We hadn't seen him for over 15 years and it was good to see he had made his life with two beautiful kids here in the U.S.  Kind of a sad story yet interesting to see how people immigrate legally and illegally and how they learn to survive in a tough place.  I may do a post on that this week but need to find a way to make it anonymous.

Here I am with Bill and Sharon in a cool park model trailer.

Airstream twin bed option.

There were booths for rv resorts, supplies, parts, LEDs, food, cookware, patio chairs, loungers and awnings.  We bought a stove top grill for 25 dollars and some cool tape that shapes itself to what you apply it to and seals against leaks, moisture, etc.  I'm looking for something to use it on this week.

Bill and Sharon also do geo-caching.   They drove us to a spot on their gps and showed us how it worked.  Sure enough, we found the bug hidden under a lamp post with a piece of paper inside and all the names and dates of the geo-cachers who had been there before.  Pretty cool, sounds like something we want to look into.

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  1. Lots of walking around the RV show. Maintenance is everything if you want to keep you rig in top shape. Can you share more info about that tape, name, price,etc? Seems like it might come in useful someday somewhere.