Saturday, January 7, 2012

La Feria Day 2

Spent a nice evening at home last night but not after stocking up some groceries.  Ay caramba, the prices are so high, no wonder everyone is obese having to buy cheap food that is filled with corn fructose.   Man on man, I am still reeling from the palty bags of grcoeries that cost us 70 dollars.   In Mexico as I stated last week, people are all up in arms about the price of corn tortillas, now 14 pesos per kilo but can be purchased at HEB and Soriana stores for 10 pesos per kilo.  Here in Texas the price per kilo is 30 pesos.  Yikes.  One tomatoe big juicy tomatois 2 dollars.   I'm sure to lose some weight over the next four weeks.

It's very quiet here and people are very friendly.   I went for my morning exercise and those that were out all gave me a little howdy do.  Mostly women walking their dogs.  There are some pretty cool rvs here too, I hope to take some pictures of those and post them over the next weeks.

Today we are going to the street market in Harlingen and looking to see if there will be an rv show while we are here.   Tomorrow Bill and Sharon have invited us to a bloodless bullfight and it looks like we are going to go.  The sun is shining all weekend and it will be in the low 80s, sounds good to me. 


  1. Corn tortillas here in Quiroga, a town near Patzcuaro are 12 pesos per kilo from the tortillaria, but only 7.8 pesos per kilo from the Bodega Aurrera.

  2. We are always in shock at the fruit & veggie prices when we get back to Canada. We only eat avocados here in Mexico.

  3. RV show starts Thursday I think, can't find the paper right now.