Thursday, January 5, 2012

Snowbird City, Here We Come!


They may not be ready for us, but we are on the road tomorrow.   We will head out around 6 a.m. taking the autopista to Reynosa, crossing at McAllen and heading East to La Feria, Tx where we will spend a month.    Juan will be teaching square dancing classes and I will be doing what I do best, BSing about rving in Mexico and politics.

Today I took the cats for their shots, got my teeth cleaned including a checkup and flouride treatment for 350 pesos.  I paid the plates on all our vehicles, went to see my accountant, had our rv television fixed, loaded up the rv and we are set to roll.

I figure with border inspection we should be at the rv park around 1 p.m., set up and down for a good nap by 2:30.   I'm ready for early bird specials, park potlucks, and the usual questions, "Are you a member here?" or "Can we help you with something?"


  1. Snowbirds already? Wow! I'm sad to hear that people are using your pictures without copyright permission. It is common courtesy and sense that seems to be lacking with whomever is using the photos.

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