Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Day To End All . . . .

I came home to Monterrey this morning by bus.  I was called the other day to do a training at the university.  I accepted as it covers travel expenses, work, and the opportunity to come home and get some stuff we left behind.  I walked across the border at 7:15 a.m., took a taxi to the bus station, boarded the bus at 7:40 and was at the house at 11:45.   No stops, not even immigration.  I was the only foreigner on the bus as the bus driver asked before we took off.   I showed him my  "inmigrado" identification and when we got to the checkpoint he pointed at me and off we went.   A non-eventful trip.  

So let's get down to brass tacks.  We are having a good time at the rv park.  Everyone treats us really well and seem to have some interest in who we are and the fact that we rv in Mexico.  Then the ball drops.  Yesterday they had a border patrol presentation.  I am toning down the names and places because I really do fear speaking out.

Two Hispanic personnel from the department came, shared their thoughts on how dangerous Mexico is and to stay away at all costs.  They also advised people to carry a gun on the Texas side.  At that point, Canadians left the room.  There was so much misinformation, propaganda, and outright lies that my eyes literally began to water out of despair.   However, I kept my lip zipped.  Why?  I truly feared that someone in the park may fink on us if requested by the agents, and also the fact that the department has been infiltrated by "you know who".   

The final straw was at the end.  They showed a video which they said had been sent to them by the "you know who" as a warning, when in reality the video has been all over the internet and YouTube for months.  The video showed two men being beheaded by a chainsaw, all the way to the end.  Now, you tell me, what was the purpose of showing that video to people who are between 60 and 90 who winter in south Texas because it does their bones good, they get inexpensive dental and eye care, not to mention prescriptions, and they love going across the border.  Well, they were warned that they were putting their lives on the line going to Nuevo Progresso and to stay out of Mexico or they could be next.

I truly feel defeated.   I know it was propaganda, but I went home last night with my tail between my legs.  People actually bought it.  The presentation was racist, low-down and outright dirty.  They even said that this is all because of Obama, and to vote for a Texan candidate for president who would shut down the border.   I would hate to see the reaction from all the drug users who consume 40 billlion dollars worth of illegal drugs once they find out their source has been cut off.

It was despicable.


  1. Very sad that Texas officials stoop to such stupidity.
    Ignorance is what much of Texas is all about.
    They are brainwashed and drink the koolaide of AM talk radio.
    Hopefully the retired folks wintering down there are above this and can go about enjoying their cross border shopping trips and travel.

  2. I don't know what to say....I could say I don't believe it but I trust you.....

    Despicable behavior and by Americans....forRVers!!!

    I am so sorry that you had to witness that.

  3. A sad experience but it just echoes what they are told by some US media every day. The US wants it's citizens to fear other countries and to spend their money in the USA.

  4. Yep, it's a funny world. Not sure what else to day.

  5. I don't understand why they would do such an aggressive thing like that. Was that officially sanctioned by the border patrol?

  6. I'm checking it out now. I would say it was excited exageration on part of the two agents to promote their personal ideas and agendas.

  7. I am shocked to hear your description of the totally inappropriate presentation! We've spent some time in TX this year for medical reasons(Austin, rather liberal for TX).

    We have skipped two winters in MX, and miss it very much. We're now in Los Indios for a couple of weeks and just met with two other sets of MX campers, and we all want to return soon. We'll get together with more in Mission next week. Here we are, all hovering near the border!

    The best thing about TX is that it is on the border and has such an international population.

  8. I think that federal employees are not allowed to engage in any kind of political promotion. Need to find out for sure.

  9. that is scary, but iam going anyway. i'll be there next week!