Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day Trip To Nuevo Progreso


First off, a big shout out to Sandy in Arkansas.  Her sister Donna stopped me today to say that Sandy reads the blog.  Donna's a hoot to talk to.  They're just down the road from us and she invited us over sometime.

Did our usual routine yesterday and then decided we needed to go to the bank in Mexico to make a deposit.  We headed down the road to Nuevo Progreso where all the Winter Texans get their teeth fixed, pedicures, manicures, haircuts, shoeshines and lots of ice cold Mexican cerveza.  There is only one bank there, an HSBC.  We bank at Banorte so we will have to go to Reynosa.

We parked on the U.S. side for two dollars and then began walking across the bridge.  The bridge charge for pedestrians is twenty-five cents.

The streets were packed with tourists, in fact, it was busy it was difficult to make way through the crowds.  Restaurants, bars and all the shops were full too.  People were buying all kinds of stuff.  It is really a small place, just one main street,  but they really pack in the crowds.

We walked all the way down to the end and on our way back we found a great little local restaurant that serves up a lot of food for a little price.  We need to go back and get the name of it but it was worth the stop and a return visit.


  1. Nice sombrero Juan! I hope you bought it. It makes you look a little Mexican!

  2. Glad to hear that there are still many "brave" souls that will cross the border and enjoy Mexico.

    Kevin andwww.travelwithkevinandruth.com Ruth

  3. i am glad that it looks like the tourist are back in nuevo progreso. we will be there next week, cant wait, its been two years. i just love it there.