Friday, January 6, 2012

Just Out Of Town When . . .

Got up early and headed out of the house around 7 a.m.  Since we were heading for Reynosa, going through Monterrey was easy and we were on our way in no time.  There are three tolls between Monterrey and Reynosa and the first two are small ones.   They charged us the normal car rate on the first two.   But, after the first toll, no longer did we pull away when the lights and sirens came on.  I thought, now what?

There were two federales and the driver approached the truck and asked where we were headed.  I told him La Feria.  Well, in Spanish La Feria means "the fair".   So his next question was "Are you with the circus?"   You don't know how many times we are asked that here in Mexico since we have Mexican plates.

Next he said his boss wanted to see the trailer.   I got out with the keys and he comes up and introduces himself.   He says he just bought a used motorhome and it was at the border being legalized and he had some questions.   We gave him the grand tour and we talked for at least 15 minutes.   We caught up with them later and they honked and waved again. 

Got to the U.S. border around 11:15, we made really good time with stops and checkpoints.    We pull up to the booth and Juan still has a permit valid through March so all we had to do was the x-ray machine.  All the border agents were very nice and treated us extremely well.   They did find something during the x-ray and stopped the machine and came over and went inside.  Turns out we have a kitchen drawer that has a bad latch so I had it laying on the floor.   It left an empty space and that is what they saw.

Found the rv park in La Feria right off, it is just outside of Harlingen and a quarter mile off the exit.   Packed in like sardines and everything is very organized, not a good sign for a Mexico rver.  It is only a month here and we have found people to be really nice in the few hours we have  been here.  In fact, our neighbor approached us and said he had been to Monterrey two years ago and really liked it. 

We are parked right next to the indoor pool, they have a wonderful jacuzzi too.  We need to go shopping as we didn't bring anything with us but dried goods.   The cats are happy and enjoying the "wind".

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