Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Egg Shortage In Mexico

In case you haven't heard, we are suffering an egg shortage.   Prices have skyrocketed, we are waiting for approval for importation from the U.S. but it hasn't happened yet.  Reason for the scarcity and price increase is the aviary flu that has hit Jalisco pretty hard.  Jalisco happens to be the largest producer of eggs in the country.  

I haven't been to the store for two weeks so I haven't seen for myself.  The price of eggs had been so low for the last six months they were giving them away and we eat lots of egg whites here at home.  It was great while it lasted.  Apparently there has been a lot of speculation in the commodities market surrounding the aviary flu so this has also driven the price up along with hoarding.  Eggs are a staple here in Mexico so it is a big deal.  I say, eat something else, it isn't forever and the price will come down in a month or two.

I was going to title today's blog "Mexico No Tiene Huevos", but that is a double entrendre (Mexico doesn't have any balls).  So the jokes are flying, even on the news.  Reporter can't keep a straight face when reporting the news on the egg shortage.

As a side note, a lot less heads have been rolling lately and I will leave it at that.    Let's hope things get better in November when we install our new president.  I could care less if deals are brokered or not, just as long as we can get some normalcy in our lives again.   I want to return to full blown boondocking.


  1. Yep, comments working fine now. No more "prove you're not a robot" crap! :-)

  2. I read about the egg shortage. It will be interesting how it affects the Isla if it does.