Thursday, August 30, 2012

Las Dejó Pelonas

Today I had a guy come by and clean up our palm trees in the front yard.   I forgot he was coming and good thing, I left the gate open when I went to the gym in the morning.  I came back and the driveway was full of dead palm fronds.  Even though I couldn't see him way up there, I could hear him hacking away with his machete.  He hollered out, buenos días and I answered back.

Next thing I know I hear him talking to someone.  I took a look out the window and boy, it was break time.  He was chatting with a worker from another quinta.   I thought they would never shut up but then I remembered he works for himself.   So after about a half an hour, he was back at work hacking away.

Only problem is that he left the palms pelonas, or practically bald, empty of any fronds.   They look good but all that does is keep them growing taller.  These type of palms are sought after by commercial landscapers and can bring a thousand dollars or more a piece because of  their size.   I have a newer one we planted about 10 years ago, it was only a foot tall and now reaches about six feet.   As you drive through the state of Veracruz down the hwy 180, you can see palm farms.   Not a big deal, they just let grow wild and when they need cask they sell some.   They ship them all the way up here to Monterrey and fetch quite a good price.

The temperature right now is 26C at 8:30 p.m.  A week ago it was 35C at this time.   So you can see we are finally coming to an end of the heat.   I went to the gym this afternoon (going twice a day now) and it rained like crazy for 15 minutes.  That helped a lot.   I took a nice swim when I got back to cool off.

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