Saturday, August 25, 2012

Help Choosing A Tablet

While we were in McAllen I was supposed to pick out my birthday present.   I have wanted a Kindle for some  time now.  We went to an Office Depot for some school supplies to bring home that were on sale and there it was, a Kindle Fire for $199 plus a $20 gift card that I could use towards a case.

However, once the guy was showing me how it worked I had doubts about what really is the best thing to buy.  I don't want a big tablet, I think it looks obnoxious taking pics with it, and I like something small enough I could put it in my backpack (thinking ahead to European travel) and I think I might want something to take pictures with.  

I'm not a gadgets person but my brother Steve has a Kindle Fire and he seems to like it.   I want to have access to wi-fi, netflix, skype, all the things or "apps" that I have on my laptop.   I guess I want it to be a handheld substitute for my computer with the exception of Office tools although the guy told me there are apps that can handle and convert those types of files, oh and one more thing, a micro USB port which KF does have.

Okay guys, fill me in, I know you are experts at this.  Less than $300.


  1. dear Chris, a lingerer in Boise. I see you are back on your Blog! M and I have a sudden vision of traveling in a RoadTrek 190 or other around the US etc. What do you think? Expensive but I don't see us pulling a trailer and getting into the forest where we want to get. Any Rv'ers you know with a RoadTrek or similar?

    Talk with you soon. Steve

  2. Glad someone mentioned on RV.Net that you are back.

    I'm a gadget guy. Have a Kindle, Droid Razr Maxx, and a Samsung Tablet 8.9 (wifi only). And a laptop.

    I don't think there is a one size fits all. I like the Tablet for email READING, web surfing in the easy chair, and Kindle reading indoors.

    "Glass" covered devices are useless for Kindle reading outdoors. That's when I use the Kindle with electronic ink. (Note also that there are different Kindles....some with wifi only and others that use wifi or their "Whisper Net".)

    None of these are good for writing anything but very short emails.

    Recommend a free App called "Evernote". You enter stuff; clip web pages, etc and it synchs them across all of your devices.

    If Daniele made me get rid of everything but 1 device, it would be a tough call. Probably the Laptop. If I could keep 2, it be the LT and the Droid (in part because it is a phone). If it were 3 it would be LT, Droid, and E Ink Kindle.

    Others will disagree with my thoughts...because folks use things in different ways. These are JMHO. Would be glad to expand on this if you want. Steve J

  3. Belgique, thanks for the response and I apologize for not letting readers know I am back.

    I will be sending you a PM on Rv.Net with some more questions. I discovered, as you said, the glass screen makes outdoor reading difficult.


  4. No help from me in this department. I am a real book person but I do see your need for this especially if you are going to follow in Kevin & Ruth's footsteps.