Sunday, August 26, 2012

The King of Corn Has Passed

Yesterday the King of Corn passed away at age 82.  Roberto Gonzalez Barrera was a true example of a successful Mexican.  He started out working on the family farm in Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon and shining shoes in the town square as a kid. 

He grew his family business and formed alliances with government agencies and formed Maseca, Gruma, Molinera and what most Americans today know as Mission Foods and Mission Tortillas along with a complete line of corn products. 

His company went international providing the raw materials and technology for many countries and their corn products above and beyond the tortilla, chips, and Mexican food products.   We had the opportunity of being a provider to the corporate offices for over five years and profited greatly from our work there and I have to thank RGB and his vision for that work.   It paid us well and gave some of what we have today not to mention the employees, providers, suppliers and tranportation companies that have also profited by his work and generosity.   RIP QEPD

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