Sunday, September 27, 2015

One Of Those Weekends - Off To Texas

The weekend was really going full steam and it was a fun one.  Sometimes though, there are trabas obstacles in the way and we need to overcome them.

Friday was a great evening at home.   I started happy hour at 5:30 shelling peanuts and watching PBS, my favorite news channel.  We shared a slice of pizza from Costco along with a salad and wine.  Slept like a baby.   Saturday was working around the house as usual and doing maintenance.  

Last night we attended the Festival Santa Lucia (Santa Lucia is our riverwalk) and we saw a Siberian dance troop perform.  The esplanade was packed with a few thousand people and about half got there early enough to want to stand in line for a seat.  We opted to watch standing along the sidelines.  Very good show but it was a bit too long.  One hour and thirty minutes.   Make it an hour and cut out the goofy stuff, but who am I, definitely not a dancer.  hahaha.   We ran into a couple we know who had taken there kids for a ride on one of the river boats and we talked most of the show about what was going on and catching up.   Got home in time for SNL which as usual now is a real let down.  Bring back the old days I say.

This morning we went out for breakfast because we are looking for a good place to take Ruth and Kevin when they get here.   I know Sherman can fit in the driveway.   I hope it's cool at night so we can share an evening by the fireplace.  So much to catch up on and talk about.   

I am getting ready for my work in Texas.   I have two events this week and two the following.   This week is lots of miles to put on the little car but the pay is well worth it including mileage.  The following week I will be driving to Corpus for one event and flying to Dallas for another.  When I return to Corpus I will take a rental car back to McAllen.  Sounds confusing and it is.   There are a lot of changes in the company along with several deserters.   I may be next.   I had to take a psychological test that proved that I was; overly motivated, highly managerial and a moron!   At least they were 3 Ms, hahahaha.   There is someone new in the company that is doing stuff we did 15 years ago like the Japanese 5 Ss.   Big deal.  I'm a teacher not a salesperson and we have new names.  Sales people are "advocates" and teachers are now called "coaches".   

So here we are getting ready to settle in for a nap and the refrigerator goes on the blink.  It's freezing everything so I am sure it is the thermostat.  I discovered the batteries in the rv aren't charging.  I thought I had found the problem but no go.   Kevin can maybe help me out when he gets here.  Then, Juan goes to wash the truck and the battery is dead, dead, dead.   We took off looking for a place to get a charge as the jump didn't work.   I think we need a new battery but who am I to say.   Came back unsuccessful as today is Sunday.  We have a LTH battery that comes with service.  However, the battery is three years old and the replacement is 62% plus service call.   

Sitting here trying to figure out what to do and it dawned on me that we have Autozone in Monterrey.  Yeah!!! And then another revelation, we have a new Autozone in Santiago.  The battery is there now being charged and we pick it up in an hour.   Nice people and they don't close until eight.  We still need to find out what happened to the battery.  


  1. From the highs of relaxation and fun stuff to the lows of coping with the everyday hassles of life. Good to know that you are still " overly motivated, highly managerial and a moron! "

  2. Kevin and Ruth will be there soon...we'll get everything fixed up for you! Looking forward to it!