Saturday, September 26, 2015

Return from Zacatecas, and I Thought The Roof Goes On Top

Wednesday night I was invited out to dinner by the embassy staff.  I recommended the Italian restaurant I had gone to on Tuesday.   It was a hit and we stayed until almost midnight which is not my style but we laughed so much it was worth a couple of glasses of wine.  The next morning I had to get up to go the airport so it didn't really matter as I couldn't have made it to the gym.

Here is a video spot of chef Luciano and the restaurant To-Tlalli.  

A quick stop by the theater for a tour before going to work on Wednesday.

Arriving in Mexico City for my connection to Monterrey I saw this sad sight.  Aviacsa was one of the first discount airlines to enter the Mexico market but it wasn't meant to survive.  They had excellent service and the best in-flight lunches.

The new AeroMexico terminal.

Now to the roof on the floor.  You can see the workers have removed all the tile from the front half of the roof and are getting ready to put down the water proofing material before replacing the tile.  They were able to save the majority of it and it was power washed and stacked.  We need to buy 20 meters to complete the job.

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