Sunday, September 13, 2015

It Finally Came

Looks like the canicula has finally passed and the cool weather is now upon us.  The rains came on Thursday night and we have had some showers off and on since then.  More rain is forecast for the middle of this week.  I haven't posted because it's just daily stuff that's going on. I don't feel so bad, it appears most Mexico rvers with blogs have slowed down quite a bit too. 

What's happening now is that Little Bit scratched his inner eyelid and has a weepy eye.  I took him to the vet yesterday.  She didn't charge for a consultation just the 60 pesos for the eye drops.   Gotta love Mexico, and for many reasons.  Little Bit feels bad, imagine how it feels when you hurt your eye, it's a constant irritant.  He just sits next to me.  I hope it ends soon.  He's no fun when he's sick!

I blew my vegan diet when I went to San Miguel de Allende and the pounds are packing on fast.  I made the decision to get back to basics, I worked very hard not only on the vegan part but also on baking breads and making good things to eat.  With the heat though, it was impossible.   Nothing is forever and we can always start again.  So, here I go!

I made my plane reservations for my work in Zacatecas with the embassy.  That will be the week of September 21st.   Zacatecas is a beautiful place but very expensive to fly to.   I have a grant but any funds not used have to be returned apart from my stipend so I might as well use it to my advantage.  I could have driven and saved the money but it didn't work out like that. 

Yesterday was an academic Saturday.  Not a lot of people showed up because of the impending weather.   It was held at the state university but we have several campuses in Monterrey.  This one is located just on the southern edge of town by the big Walmart and Sam's.   Two speakers, one from Italy and the other from New York.   Great talks about technology in the classroom and I picked up some great websites we can use with students.  While I was there I ran into my friend Angie from Mongolia.  She is teaching English and Chinese there.  We had a great afternoon together.

Last weekend we had a family get together, about 12 people came and spent the night.  We swam, barbequed, spent Saturday night outside under the palapa talking until midnight.  It was great.  No loud music, in fact, no music.  We told stories, laughed a lot and discussed our plans for the winter.

Speaking of winter plans, it looks like we will go to Veracruz to the Emerald Coast for a few weeks.  We have good memories of meeting our friends Sharon and Bill there and the wacky things that went on when we were there.   I like the beach better in the winter when it's cool and gloomy.  It's a good time for thinking about things and what comes next.   We need to get on the ball and plan our yearly trips like the rv trip to Chile.  Better do it now before we get too old.  


  1. No music? At a Mexican BBQ party?

    We're also thinking we might make it to Veracruz again, but this time we want to see some of the inland area away from the coast. Wasn't overly impressed with the coastal area last time, but might have to give it another chance. And the actual city of Veracruz. The last time we were there, we just kind of skirted around it because too many people had made us nervous about the transitos in that area. Not so nervous now...

  2. We are going to Lo De Marcos this winter, come visit there.

  3. Makes me wish we were heading to Veracruz... BUT... come mid December we'll be at Lo de Marcos (just north of Puerta Vallarta) for 3 months... renting a bungalo. Maybe y'all can come visit us there? Wouldn't that be great!

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  5. Poor Lil Bit, that must hurt. Good luck with getting back on track with the diet. It's been 2 months and I still have that extra 3 -5 pounds. I need a beach to walk on.