Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 16th Mexican Independence

Today we celebrated Mexican Independence.   I led the parade in Allende with the school where I am working.  First off was a presentation and reenactment of Hidalgo and the original "grito" en Dolores Hidalgo on the church steps.  You remember the picture I took in July of the spot where Hidalgo stood.  Very impressive.  BTW, a state policeman took my picture above.  Not the best photographer but a nice guy who later waved at me as we passed by.

We walked the town along with other school from our municipality.   Honor guard, marching band and the streets and houses lined with towns people waving and cheering us on.  It was quite a morning and the weather was on our side.  

The old Presidencia which now houses a museum in the town square.

The reenactment which takes place in every school and town square every year.  I wonder how many people have played the role of Hidalgo over the years, millions I would guess.  Talk about bringing history to life. 

I call them my "soldados de dios"

Last night we took in another French film, Marguerite.  It was fantastic.  If you get a chance to look up the trailer on YouTube it will interest you.   I love international film.  I'm not big on Hollywood movies.

On the way into town we snapped these pictures.   The rain is doing wonders here and the green is coming back.  Mother Nature really knows how to run things.

You can see the famous Cerro de La Silla (Saddleback Mountain)

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