Sunday, August 30, 2015

My Crazy Ideas

Money makes the world go around and that is a fact.   There are a couple of big maintenance jobs to be done here at home including the roof.   I procrastinate because it's so hard to find someone to come and do the work and finish it.   The painter did a great job before I left for vacation.   I had no choice to pay him even though he hadn't painted the front gate.   I paid him and when he came back the work hadn't been completed and he ignored me.   I finally got him to answer my calls and messages and he showed up.   Great!  Not really.  He did one panel on one side of the gate and he was gone again.  Now he has blocked my numbers as well as my messages.  Live and learn I guess and so much for credibility.

Anyway, it all takes money and that for now is not an issue with lots of work on the table.   I get these crazy ideas though and I mention them from time to time.   I hadn't expected to get this job in September from the U.S. government.   It's a two-day assignment in Zacatecas but the pay is out of this world.  So the scheme begins.  

I'm not very mechanical much less an electrician.   I really don't care, that's why they have mechanics and electricians and I'm not alone here.   Yes, I'm sure I could save a buck here or there but to buy all the tools and stuff it seems more like a hobby.   Best let the experts do the job.   

Once I'm paid by the U.S., I am taking the trailer to the only rv expert in Monterrey.   I want the roof air taken out.  It weighs a ton, adds to the rv height, is the most worthless POS I have ever seen.  It's noisy, vibrates, and freezes you out of the rv.   All our rvs had roof airs.   On one I was able to buy a small 7400 Watt roof air but they don't exist anymore.   It was still noisy though.  I want to replace the hole left in the roof with a dome with a sliding shade.

I need for the engineer to design it so weight is taken off the hitch, adding a total of four batteries and a minisplit A/C unit.  One like this that is a 110 and is around 8500 btus.  

This guy posted his minisplit install on YouTube but it's the only one I have found.  As I have said before, there is a local guy who makes small office trailers and he puts one on the hitch of the units.

Our existing rving setup works fine, but not good enough.  I want to come in, flip a switch and sit down and relax.  The A/C is important because of where we live.   It has been above 37C in northern Mexico for the last three months.  We can't travel to Timbuktu every weekend.   I wanted to go out on Friday taking the rv to school and then heading out but it's just to darn hot to use during the day.  I like my nap and I want to be comfortable.  

This was my Sunday breakfast and it was really good.  Followed by a short nap because I got up way to early.

I then went to a funeral (velorio) for the mother-in-law (suegra) of the school's director.   Lots of hand shaking, talking, and watching life go by.   Interesting, mourning the dead, a pregnant woman just days away from delivery, little kids running around with no idea what it's all about, and some older folks pondering their near future.   That's life.


  1. We're missing you! If you do more research on the mini split A/C, please let everyone know. Think it is a great idea. Hate the noise ours makes.

    1. Hey Bill, I just saw your comment. Yep, it looks like I'm going to go ahead with the a/c. I will be in Texas at the end of the month and will pick up the dome. That will be step one. Say hi to Mo.