Sunday, August 2, 2015


Broke down about 50 kms south of Matehuala.  Four federales passed me up without help.  Green Angels came to the rescue.

Bad signal so this is short.  I was towed, at a mechanic just north of the city, bad fuel pump and we will replace it tomorrow.

The trailer is fine, LB is fine, and so am I.  This may make for an interesting story as usual.

Typical rver who broke down and parks behind the shop.  More tomorrow if I have good signal.


  1. Been there, seen that. It is nice to have your house with you. Hope everything goes OK. Need some misadventures to go along with the adventures; just have more adventures.

    1. Thanks Bill, it helps to put things in perspective. Always seems worse when it happens to me not realizing it's part of the show. And yes, I'm glad I have my house with me. Say hi to Mo.

  2. good luck tomorrow glad you are safe cheers les

  3. It happens, but so nice to be able to boondock anywhere. Hope the repair is quick. But a bad fuel pump????