Sunday, August 9, 2015

When Will It End?

Not much to tell at this point other than it’s hot.  It seems most of North America is suffering.   It was up to 40C this week and has settled down to 37C.  The temps will rise this week and we can expect another three weeks of this.

Since I’ve been home I’m up at 5:30 and start work.   I water early in the morning just as the light of day appears and do it in sections for short periods.   I’m trying to skip a day in between to not waste water as well as the electricity to pump it.  I’d rather use my Kwh allotment for the A/C in the afternoons.   I don’t turn it on until 2:30 and then turn it off by bedtime.   By ten it’s cooling down enough that with the house open and a fan in the bedroom window I need a sheet to cover with by around 2 a.m.

Squeaky clean windows!

I’ve had a lot to do around here.  This week was getting the gardener to do his job.  I guess he didn’t expect me home so soon and it was a surprise.  The place was a mess.  The grass hadn’t been cut, watering only took place in one spot and there were lots of other details that are just to bothersome for me to even write about.   I guess his time is coming to a close and he really doesn’t need the work.  The problem is finding someone who can come and do it that lives nearby.  The pool I can handle, all the yard work I just won’t do anymore.  That becomes a marriage and I’m divorced from that.

Even with the heat it is amazing how many people are coming out to the area to spend the day.   I went to Monterrey early yesterday in search of vacuum cleaner bags.  The pretty much don’t exist anymore unless you order on line.   By the time I shopped around downtown and found not even a something close that I could modify it was already 12:30.   I should have had the camera handy because downtown is always a hub of excitement.   On the way home the traffic was like rush hour traffic on a Friday payday.  I think it’s nuts to get in a car and sit on a highway so you can squeeze yourself into a small parking area next to a lake with a bunch of drunks and super loud music but hey, who am I anyway?

Today I got a super early start and washed the windows, screens and protectors.  It was a four hour job and I also did some house cleaning, grass trimming, and washed the SUV.

I have some school visits this week but they are local; Allende, Montemorelos and Monterrey.  The following week I will be in Tampico two days, Saltillo two days, and a small town out in the middle of Tamaulipas.  I jokingly asked the coordinator of events if that visit includes combat pay.

With all I did today, it's time for a cool drink and reading blogs!


  1. So very dry here in Vancouver, level 3 restrictions, no washing cars, no lawn watering or filling spas or pools, only hand watering of plants. With an 80 foot hedge line plus the beds it takes a bit of time. Never have we ever seen it like this and no end in site. At least we are not on fire. Crazy weather everywhere.

  2. Everything is going to look perfect when Juan gets home. Nice to catch the gardener in the act (: