Saturday, August 22, 2015

Great Day In Many Ways

Enjoying a wonderful birthday today.  I can't believe I'm this old.  When I thought fifty was going to be a really old time in my life, when I finally hit it, it was just like any other year.  I have a good life and I couldn't ask for more unless it were to do more with the time I have.

Juan came back today from Arizona.  He flew yesterday from Phoenix to Los Angeles and then on to Mexico City.   He had a flight planned for Sunday but couldn't wait to get home and to make a change in his flight or buy a new ticket was way too expensive.  He decided to take the bus and spend the night sleeping.   He arrived this morning exactly 12 hours later after leaving just as they had told him.  He said the bus had personal flat screens, wifi, food service, individual a/c vents and lots of movies, music and video.   We kept in touch via WhatsApp on our cell phones.  Cost was $69 U.S.  In two more years we will receive a 50% discount with our senior cards.  

First stop was downtown for some real Mexican tacos from Don Pancho.   Even for me it was a real treat.  Headed home, picked up some rib eye for dinner (vegan diet on hold until Monday) and we had a great afternoon catching up on all the stories we had been saving.

One funny thing I want to share and it shows us how the TSA system works in the U.S. and the immigration and security system works in Mexico and around the world.  He was really lucky to not have any problems.  He accumulated a lot of team T shirts, souvenirs and other stuff from the university as well as the program.  He went to a thrift shop and found a great expandable canvas suitcase with wheels to pack everything in.

As he was unpacking this afternoon he came into the kitchen and said, "when I bought this bag I got back to my room and found this tin in the bag.  I don't know what is, can you tell me?" 

I'll show you the pictures and you can decide.  

It will be disposed of tomorrow. :)


  1. I have no idea what that tin of stuff is, but it looks like it could land a person in jail for a long, long time....

  2. With a name like "Magic Flight" it had to be something to do with getting high! I googled it...sure enough, it's a vaporizing kit for using marijuana. On their website, they don't say marijuana....they simply call them "herbs"

  3. Nice to hear that your best present on your special day was Juan.

  4. Happy Belated! What a lovely life you've made for yourself! I envy you and Juan... wishing you many more happy, abundant years ahead!

  5. I agree with Contessa, Juan was your best present!! Be joyful!!

  6. Happy!!! I sent you an email to the Yahoo address I have from years ago. If you don't get it, holler. Steve

  7. Thank god no one found the "magic flight" stuff in Juan's bag. That would have been a very awkward conversation to have, not to mention worse consequences.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we prefer our flights be science- and engineering-based, not "magic."