Saturday, August 1, 2015

Saturday in Dolores Hidalgo

I finished the night last night with a Mad Max movie.  Not a bad movie at all and then I went to bed.  I overslept until 7 a.m.  I watched the news, used my Telcel stick to check my mail and Facebook.   Showered and headed to centro for a walking tour, a stop at the Independence Museum and the Bicentennial Museum.  Both are great venues and the the second museum is well-designed and was obviously done to celebrate the bicentennial. 

Before that though while I was walking around, I stopped in the local Mercado and had a breakfast quesadilla with chorizo.   It was delicious, filled with cheese, chorizo, lettuce and tomato.   Going home will be hard to readjust back to my diet.   Oh well, that’s what vacations are for.

Dogs getting their Saturday baths!

I stopped in many shops and a couple of veterinarians to look for more of Little Bit’s special diet food.  Not here in Dolores Hidalgo I was told my several.   I can get it in Monterrey when we get home, I think they have it in Costco.

This weekend is la quincena, or payday weekend.   90% of all Mexicans are paid via direct deposit so those that don’t manage their bills on line, pay for items with debit/credit cards, go to the cajero automatico to withdraw their money.  This also includes pensioners and families who receive money from the government in form of welfare.   Seniors over 65 also receive a stipend for groceries, about $100 dollars a month which helps quite a bit if you know the cost of produce and other food products in Mexico.

I ran into a quincenera at the parroquia (parish church).   This one was a bit different.  The theme was mariachi.  It was really good but you don’t want me around mariachis, they always make me well up in tears.   Don’t know why but they do.  I didn’t stay long as it was their event not mine.   Good music though.

When I bought my Telcel stick yesterday I noticed coffee and tea selections another of their glass displays.  I was pretty curious and when I went back today to pick up my official factura (invoice), I asked about them.  They are a brand called Organo which stand for organically grown.   Instant coffee and tea bags that they sell individually or in a pack.  I decided to try one after my afternoon nap.  I just finished a wonderful cup called, Organo Gourmet Café Negro.   I may stop and pick up two more for the road. 

I’m ready for the road tomorrow.   I’ll set the alarm, have coffee and shower before taking off around 7:30.  I’m a bit excited to really drive somewhere.  


  1. I agree vacations are a time to just enjoy some good food. Hope you got home safely.

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