Friday, July 31, 2015

Another Short Drive - Dolores Hidalgo

Dolores Hidalgo was the next stop and it took me all of 45 minutes to get to town and another to navigate my way to the auditorium.   I pulled in and stopped in front of Proteccion Civil and went inside.  My friend wasn’t there but his boss, el comandante, was sitting behind his desk.  Mr. Ramirez looks a bit threatening.  He’s tall, thin, and has a very stoic look about him.  He told me to come in and I told him my story about making arrangements to stay there.   He stood up and then gave me a big smile, shook my hand and asked me if I was a Canadian.  I told him no and he said that two years ago there was a Canadian couple here, I can only imagine who it might have been. 

He told me to park wherever I wanted as long as I was along the wall.  He said there was electricity by the office if I need to charge anything.  I told him I had solar and all was good.  

I got set up, by that I mean I put out the slides, put a block under the hitch to level the front and fed the cat.   I put on some music for Little Bit and then took off on the bus to Soriana to pick up some things I need for the trip home.  I also wanted to visit my Telcel friend there to see if she had found an internet stick.  No luck.  The bus was five pesos.  In Monterrey the bus is 10 to 12 pesos depending on the route and if you want air conditioning.   I came back, unpacked and headed out for lunch.

I went to our old place El Carruaje, not the same as it used to be but still pretty good including the price.   I had a late breakfast and it was enough for today.  I walked around for an hour at a fast pace because I didn’t go to the gym and won’t until I get home.   I found several Telcel stores but no luck.  Then I hit one.  349 pesos with 1028mg of time on it.  Sold! 

Came back to the rv, set up the stick and took a very well-deserved nap.   LB has slept almost all day, it must be those constant walks I take him on.

Tonight I plan on a trip to the plaza and tomorrow the Independence Museum although I have been there before.   I want to find the spot that Hidalgo gave the first “grito” and have my picture taken. 

After talking to Juan I’ll put on a Mad Max movie and kick back the rest of the night.  Oh, and here is a pic of the pool from yesterday.  It needs painting badly and I’m not being picky.  If you’re paying for something it should be worth it.  I don’t’ feel I got my 180 pesos.   Add that up on a thirty day trip.  That’s 5400 pesos, I guess if you have dollars that’s a steal right now, but I get paid in pesos so it’s not cheap.   

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