Sunday, July 19, 2015

Wow, Far Out! Gringo Market

Great place for hiking or finding a spot to read.

The plumber showed up and took his measurements.   He really had a job to do.  The flange that connects the valve to the outlet had been ripped off and broken in one spot.  He heated it and used a resin to fix the break.   He had to add new pipe and seal everything.  He did a great job at least I'm hoping.  There is no leaking but I can't open the valve.  Well, maybe one night I can do a clandestine grey water dump, or partial just to see how it works.   The good thing was that the valve came off right at the flange saving the black valve from being damaged.  That would have been a mess.

While he repaired valve I had taken a nap and then headed down to San Antonio street to the gringo market next to Instituto Allende.  Now it is all shaded with giant tents to keep people cool and shopping.  I always wanted to be far out but it just wasn't my way of being.  I 've seen so many outfits on both men and women in the last few days it's amazing.   All yapping in English with an occasional word in Spanish.   Everything is organic, home grown, handmade, sewn, woven, quilted, baked, sun-broiled, wood stove roasted, you name it.  But guess what?  It's all very expensive.  I found a small stand at the end of the long and narrow market where I had a wonderfully delicious quesadilla with rajas de chile.  16 pesos.   There wasn't anything organic about I guess. 

Came back in time for the plumber to call and say he was ready to install the plumbing.  The guy is really nice and we chatted up a storm.  He had lived in Dallas for a couple of years and has his family here.   After, I went for a walk before the gardens closed.   Little Bit wanted a walk too so I put him on a leash and he investigated the surroundings by the trailer.

I had some leftover Chinese for dinner and watched some YouTube videos.  I am getting a real kick out of these people that go through checkpoints and DUIs and refuse to participate in the game.  The border patrol videos are the best.  They know it's illegal and when someone comes along with some knowledge about their rights they pull the trump card.

This morning I went for a hike around the lake.  It had rained hard last night and it looks like we are in for more later this week according to the forecast.  Now I am heading out to the big market on the road to Queretaro, also known as Tuesday market.  I prefer Sunday.  


  1. We went to that gringo market when we visited that area. It was entertaining just to look at the prices!

  2. Good job on the repairs. Nice to have that out of the way. Now just keep on relaxing and enjoying.

  3. You say you can't open the valve? I wonder if some of the cement he used on the pipe ran down to the valve? That would be a mess!

    1. Sorry, I meant to say that I can't open it here where I am parked. I have to wait until I have a dump station or register to a septic tank. I have a 5 gallon blue tote just in case I run out of room.

    2. Ah! That is better. And cheaper!

  4. enjoy my lovely SMA I know a guy if you need anything he can do it or get someone to do it...he was my go to guy..and I have his number cheers les...if you want to hike on Sundays at 8am a group meets at the gas station by Cinco de mayo and go off in cars for the morning get to see some of the country side....