Sunday, July 12, 2015

Getting Closer to SMA Departure

I'm editing this post because I want to give a big hand to Kevin and Ruth.  When I got up at 5 a.m. this morning to read my newsletter, there they were.  They were chosen as one of two blogs that Chuck Woodbury shared this week.  Congrats to these great rv bloggers and world travelers.

Doing final checks and prep on the rv.   Today was tank day and I flushed the tanks to get them ready.  Not quite sure about the place I am staying in SMA until I get there.  I know there is water and the woman who is renting me a space has offered electric although I really don't need it with the solar.

My new Xantrax 600 watt inverter is doing quite well.  What I like about it is the display.  It shows me the charge on the batteries.   I also bought a short 30 amp cable and a "female" connector so that I can connect the trailer to the inverter making all the outlets live.  BTW, I'm over the male connector sydrome, whatever that was all about!

There is an issue with the charge controller though.  All systems work great but the charge controller seems to be failing.  I have a call into the guy to check it out tomorrow.   Gotta have that piece of equipment working.  I check the diagrams and I am sure I've got it hooked up correctly.  

The heat is on here in Monterrey.  The "canicula" or "dog days of summer" have started.  The sun is closest to us now and it could last for a month or more.  The pool comes in handy but only for a quick dip to cool off.  I guess over the years I've lost the feel for sitting around the pool.  It doesn't appeal to me anymore.  The kids don't want to come out anymore probably because we're such ogres with our rules.  Sorry, cellphones and tablets go in a basket.  We're here to socialize and have fun.  

The SUV had a gas tank issue with the float and resistors.  We had that replaced on Friday and it is reading properly now.  What should a replacement like that cost in your country?  Here it was $135 to drop, empty and clean the tank and replace parts.  Just curious on the price you would expect.

Speaking of prices here in Mexico I had some shoes I really really like resoled.  It cost me $8.50./  The shoes are umpteen years old I bet everyone who reads this blog has seen them.  Hey, the leather is still good.  I only had them resoled because I felt some water in my shoe two weeks ago and checked the bottom of my shoes only to find a hole the size of a quarter.  Who checks the bottom of their shoes unless you might think there is something on them!  What the heck, I can accept the fact I dress like a bum!

The U,.S. consulate appears to have its act together and will have the visas ready for tomorrow sometime.  Juan bought a ticket to Mexico for Wednesday.  I can't believe this trip has turned into a fiasco over a visa issuance problem.  

Last bit of news that has made the world today is the escape of Chapo Guzman.  Yep, otra vez!  I had to laugh because tonight on U.S. national news that I watch via internet, blames him for the death of thousands of Americans due to drugs.  Now is that funny or what?  Everything in life is a choice.  As for Chapo, if the government doesn't want to look stupid, they will find him and kill him.  Otherwise, Mexico continues in its quest for credibility. 

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  1. I don;' think you are a bum for resoling your shoes. If you have a favorite pair I agree to do what you have to make them last as long as possible.

    I hope you get that charge issue sorted out pronto. You will need that once you get settled in SMA. On the other hand you could cancel your trip and start searching for for El Chapo. Just think of all you could do with that reward money.