Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Last night in San Miguel de Allende

As the circus comes to town, I'm on my way out.  They are parked up by the glorieta on the road to Queretaro.  A few nice caravans.  The owners have a huge fifth wheel, I'll say 42 foot, an older model but a luxury model that they had full body paint put on.  Looks nice.  

I'm heading out tomorrow as I had said recently with my plan to stop at San Ramon and then head on to Dolores Hidalgo before going home.  I should be at the house on Tuesday in the morning.   

There just isn't any place to boondock around here and I'm not impressed with San Ramon.  In fact, I went there today to see who was there and where I wanted to park when I noticed the swimming pool is empty.  What?  It's only one night but I was hoping to go for a dip.   I can always go to La Gruta down the road tomorrow afternoon and enjoy the warm spring water.

I think if I had a Class C or a small A I would be more inclined to keep going south and I could move more often, but with the cat, the travel trailer and the fact that traveling alone isn't necessarily my cup of tea.  I already have had two requests from schools and the University of Dayton is lining up work for August wondering when I will be home.  At least I'll be on the road.  

I don't fit in much anymore with some of the gringos I guess.  I go to the Jardin and it's talk about the U.S. or complaining about SMA.   I met a woman at the super today.  She was talking about patience.  I told her that as I get older it increases.   She said it was too bad the gringos in town don't learn to have more patience.  She says it's because they're mad at the world so they take it out on the locals.  Could be, I've seen some pretty poor gringos in the last two weeks.   I think it's two camps, rich and poor.  

Anyway, it's been fun and I guess if I were a full-timer I would be like George was.  BTW, I sent him a mail the other day requesting some product info and he responded.   I miss his blog and his adventures.  

So it's off to Dolores Hidalgo, who knows, I may just find some other thing to do for another week. 

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  1. There are poor gringos in San Miguel? I would never have guessed that...