Friday, July 10, 2015

What's With Male Connectors?

The Fulbright has had his trip delayed by a week because the U.S. government has had a major glitch in their visa system.  He will depart for Mexico City next Wednesday after receiving his visa.  Part of the issue was that 12, 000 visas were stolen in Mexico.   The truck was recovered with some 9000 plus on board.   They haven't mentioned that but I'll leave it alone.

So male connectors.   Lots of work being done here at home and on the rv as well.   I want it and the SUV in tiptop shape.  We have had an ABS module failure and a resistor problem with the gas tank.  The gas tank was resolved today for a total of $125 U.S., draining and dropping the tank, replacing the float and the resistors.   I don't know if that is expensive or not but here in pesos its a lot of masa (dough).

I made a mess out of the rv 12V system getting my cables crossed.   Tomorrow I should have it all in working order including the install of the new 600W inverter I had bought.   I built a cable for the connection to the inverter so that we can run the outlets.   I'm dying to try the electric blanket on the inverter. 

Now to the male connector.  Yesterday I stopped by the Home Depot to pickup a paint roller for the painter, some chlorine for the pool and the new female connector.  I walked into the store and there was a friend from Santiago and we greeted each other.   I thought, "no time to talk, I am on a mission and I have my list in hand".   

Off I went.  I picked up the connector, the chlorine and the paint roller.   I took this picture below.  Isn't cool that Home Depot built their garden center around a 75 year old Huisache tree that was on the land they bought?  I couldn't get the complete pic as there wasn't enough room.  I just thought that this was so cool!  

Okay, so to the rest of the story.  I marched into the house with my HD bag in hand and got out my tools.  I started to undo the male connector I had attached to the extension cord only to discover I had bought another male connector!  OMG!  You can laugh now, it's okay!!!!


  1. I'm dying to try the electric blanket on the inverter.

    It'll work. but it'll suck a lot of battery power. Don't drain them too low... :-)

    1. I won't let that happen. That said, according to the Sunbeam corporation, on the lowest setting, the usage is extremely low. I don't have the number at hand now. There are 10 settings, L to 10. We always use L. It can't be that much. Well, we'll see :)