Friday, July 17, 2015

In SMA - Crunch!

What a weird day.  I left at 8:15 from Matehuala and made it to the Potosino rest stop.  I ordered torta with some chili toreados.  Yikes those things are hot!   I'm back where prices are decent and you can eat a something out once in awhile.  My torta at the big expensive rest stop was 26 pesos.  The same torta in Monterrey is about 50 to 60.

I hit three retenes (checkpoints) and they were all two kms long.  I guess the manhunt is on and they are checking everyone.  Because of that I didn't get to SMA until after 2 p.m.   Of course what didn't help was hitting the border to Guanajuato.   The minute I crossed the state line the road quality collapsed.  I found out later that the governor is from the PAN so federal funding from the PRI is almost non-existent.  

I pulled into the park and waited until it closed at  6 p.m. to setup the rv.   Well, that was the beginning of the end or so I thought.  They have done so much work since we were here last including a beautiful rock wall (no cement) and some wonderful parking lot landscaping.  That didn't make things easy for me.  Mario, the director of the gardens, wanted me to park where we always do.  Fantastic, it's a wonderful spot.  However, since the changes to the parking lot took place, the layout isn't what it used to be.   Crunch!  I hit a big rock.   Got out and saw that my water discharge valve was ripped off.  Didn't affect the black water though which is good.  I've read about it, I've laughed about it, and then it happened to me.  Hahahaha.  

Good thing is, when I had the electrical checked on the truck last week, I noticed the rv shop has a couple of valves on the shelf.   I think I can get one ordered and shipped tomorrow or Monday by the latest and have it here by Tuesday.   What's funny is that when I saw it I thought I should post on RvNet about the availability of rv parts in Mexico but last time I did no one believed me.  Now I need the valve.  Premonition?

All's well that ends well and I am set up and having happy hour while I write this.   I made an agreement to stay here two weeks and pay for the membership which gives me access to the park as well for 700 pesos.  That's 50 pesos a night for a secure spot with wifi.  I'll head out after that and pick another place for a week before heading home for the 50th anniversary party.

The weather here is wonderful, the sun is shining and it is sprinkling with a cool breeze coming in the windows.   The solar is charging and I'm a happy spirit.  Hey, if this is all that can happen to me when I'm alone, I think I did pretty good.  Where are you copilot?  

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  1. Good deal parking at the Botanical Gardens...we enjoyed that spot when we were there too.