Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tuesday Market and I Learned Two New Things

I'm at an internet cafe.  The signal at the botanical garden is working well this year.  I bought a booster and it isn't the signal as much as I think they need a new router.  I'm not going to get all worked up about it.

I have the Movistar stick.  Wow!  Problem is, this isn't Movistar territory.   It belongs to Telcel.  My phone works fine and I can access my mail and Facebook but the screen is too small to read comfortably.  For some reason, and maybe it is my lack of knowledge, I can enlarge everything I do on my phone like FB.

I drove over yesterday to the big Telcel office up the hill from the Mega hoping to get a stick.  No luck.  They don't sell them anymore.  If you have one, hang on to it.  I'm going to post on the Civil List to see if anyone has one they would like to sell.

That was one thing I learned.  The other is very interesting.   In most of Mexico returnable glass bottles are still popular for beer and sodas.  I drink mineral water or club soda and an occasional diet coke in the summer (maybe one or two a week max).   There are no returnable bottles here in San Miguel de Allende.  This is a UNESCO site, you know, all far out, peace and love.   Where is the recycling?  What a shame.  I went to a dozen places and then flagged down one of the big Coke trucks and talked to the guys.  They verified that it is true.  They have the product in the warehouse here but it is not for distribution.  It is sent to other cities and they won't sell it to me.  

Yesterday was the big Tuesday market up on the hill.   I couldn't resist and had some wonderful enchiladas for lunch.  25 pesos.  I did some crowd watching and then headed home for a nice nap in the cool air.

This morning I headed back to the gym, dropped off my laundry and linens and then bought a very good jugo verde for 16 pesos.  You just can't beat this area in terms of economics.


  1. Strange...still advertising Banda Ancha on their website...

    1. I found two of them today at a market. She wanted 800 for one. I'm still looking. They're out there. i just checked Movistar's webpage and they still advertise them.