Saturday, July 18, 2015

First Day In San Miguel de Allende

This is my spot for the next two weeks.  A few cars during the day and of course visitors from the botanical gardens.  

I got up at 5:45, put on the coffee and started up the laptop.  The storm last night knocked out the internet so I had to wait until later today to get on line.   I showered and headed into town, all of 2 kms away from all the action.  I stopped at the first ferreteria and asked for a plumber.  They gave me the name of one and I called, no answer so I left a message.  

I headed to the outside cafe for a small breakfast and to check my email.   During breakfast the plumber called and he said he would meet me at the trailer at 11 a.m.  Right on time.   He took things apart and went to his shop to fix it up.   Boy, I thought I talked a lot, this guy was really going to town.  Good thing he went to his shop.

That will be fixed or at least temporarily until I can get home.   He also found a small gas leak and is taking care of that.   

I'm taking a short nap until he returns.  Maybe I'll post more later depending on what I do.

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  1. Only in Mexico would you hire a plumber who does house calls to work on your RV! We can't wait to get back in October!!