Thursday, July 16, 2015

On The Road To San Miguel de Allende


On my lap almost all the way!

I had planned to take off from the house at 7 a.m.   However, I woke up at 3 a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep until I got up and made a list of what I was thinking about.  Up at 5:30 and started getting the house ready.  It’s always much easier when there are two instead of one.

I finally got out of the gate at 8 a.m. but stopped for gas and air.  I hit the bank on the way out of Santiago and then it was smooth sailing.  I made the turn from Linares to Galeana/San Roberto (or as Google calls it, Roberto, Nuevo Leon) and up over the mountains.

Leaving Linares and heading up the mountain.

You’ve seen countless pictures of this wonderful mountain drive that is almost 75 kms.   Lots of ups and downs and curves that would make a trucker think twice but they all do it and so do we.  Other bloggers and rvers have made the trip with large motorhomes without batting an eye.  It is well worth it.

Halfway there!

As I came down to Hwy 57 there was a large military checkpoint.  Heading north the line was over 2 kms long.  Guess why?  Looking for Chapo Guzman.   Heading south there was little traffic but because of the cloverleaf coming off the mountain you have to cut into the line.  It happens to be right where the checkpoint is set up.  They saw me coming and started towards me.  I waved to them and the waved me on.   

Going down the west side to San Roberto and Hwy 57.

Down the 57 to Matehuala, I decided to stop and not go any further.  It was already 1 p.m. and I was getting ready for a nap.   I resisted the stop at Las Palmas at 380 pesos a night and went to Oasis.  They said they don’t take rvs anymore.  I thought that was weird.  Maybe because I was by myself.  Next door is the forever dumpy Hotel Capri.  She wanted 170 and I told her Oasis charges 150, I made that up because I don’t remember.  I told her I didn’t need water or electric.  It’s not hot, around 27C with a slight breeze and with the solar I’m using a box fan.  Works great.   So we agreed on 100 pesos.  Deal.  As you can see I’m under a big shade tree now that the sun is going down.  

Safe and sound with a nice secure place for the night.  

I took a nap with Little Bit.  He road on my lap most of the way looking out the window and sitting on the console.  He’s doing very well now and eating and pooping well.   That’s good when you travel with a pet.  I guess that’s good with a pet or a human J.   After the nap I walked to Walmart.  I thought it would be fun just to go up and down the aisles.   I like to see what import products they have and how much they cost.   I got there and the A/C in the store was not working (descompuesto).   Oh well.

Here I am back at the hotel in time for a cocktail and the local news.  More tomorrow as I head to the botanical gardens in SMA.   Contessa has a point.  Imagine the bounty that one would receive for catching this turd.  He's got so much money they'll never get him.  


  1. For anyone used to driving on mountain roads that road is a piece of cake! Yes, eating and pooping is always a good thing!

  2. Happy that you took Little Bit with you!!! Have fun on your vacation.....Marilyn

  3. We did that drive once with no problem. Go glad you and Lil Bit will be keeping each other company.