Thursday, July 30, 2015

My Shortest Rv Trip - 10 Kms

It was my normal morning routine.  I went to the gym, said my goodbyes to people I know there and said we would be back in December.   Not really sure about that yet.   We may try some other city like Guanajuato, Pena de Bernal or maybe Queretaro.   Something different for Christmas that's for sure.

As I was packing up a 45 foot tour bus came to the botanical gardens so the neighbors weren't happy that there was a vehicle on each side of the road although it's wide enough for cars to pass easily in opposite directions.   I decided not to shower until I got to the rv park and hooked up and headed out.

I had intended on stopping at a vulcanizadora to rotate two tires on the trailer.  I went yesterday to see if he could do it and told him when I would be passing by.  The road that leads to Dolores Hidalgo is under construction and I had to laugh.  They made a detour right through the front of the vulka.  Nothing I could do but wait until another day or maybe tomorrow as I pull in to Dolores Hidalgo.

Yesterday Kevin and Ruth posted their 10 best posts.  One was about his event with the sewer valve and I think we have all been there at least once.   I got settled and decided to drain over two weeks worth of agua negra.   I looked down the drain and all looked well.  I stuck the stinky slinky in the hole and went to pull the valve.  All is going well and then, "up through the ground come a bubblin' crude", wasn't oil though.  I quickly shut the valve and there was a two square meter pool on the ground.   

I went to the front office for assistance and the guy who guided me in came and gave me a hand.  He and his coworker opened another drain and could see water flowing.  They grabbed a piece of rebar and stuck in in the drain.  It was clogged at the bottom from pine tree debris.   They got it all cleaned up and unclogged the drain.   Funny though that I had just made a comment about it yesterday.

We're parked under the trees since we have electric.  They wouldn't budge on the primitive camping.  Too bad.  Little Bit seemed to like taking his nap in a very cool spot.  We had been parked in the sun at the botanical garden although it's never been really hot.  I brought the box fan along on this trip and used it once in the time we have been here.  

Here's one more pic of the bathrooms.   I'm going up to the pool before they drain the water for the day.   It's thermal water so it should be good.  If I use it, I'll take a pic and post it later.  I spoke to my friend in Dolores Hidalgo and they are waiting for my arrival tomorrow around noon.  We'll pull out leisurely around 11 a.m.  

Bottom line, it's a place to park.  Nothing special and about 250 meters from the highway so you can hear the constant roar.   One shower for both men and women, electric is 20 amp.  I have to say the internet isn't bad.  If you want to go into town the taxi is 100 pesos or you can wait on the highway in the sun for a bus for ten pesos.   There was a 40 foot motorhome here the other day when I came.  I don't understand why parks are so adamant about primitive sites.  Electricity is the major cost and if boondockers don't use it, why charge. 

Barb and Sal had the right idea.   Paga lo que debes, or pay for what you use.  It was a good thing,


  1. I so enjoy going day by day with you on this (and other) adventure. Thank you so much for all the posts. You make me want to be there!

  2. I so enjoy going day by day with you on this (and other) adventure. Thank you so much for all the posts. You make me want to be there!

    1. Thanks Barbara. The weather has been fantastic. That is the one thing I am going to miss a lot. I am always very relaxed here. Wonderful town, wonderful people and lots to see and do. So much history in Guanajuato.

  3. Oh dear! Glad it all came out okay :)