Thursday, August 6, 2015

The story of how things went down with the SUV

The story of how things went down with the SUV. 

I left Dolores Hidalgo on Sunday at 8 a.m.   Smooth sailing all the way.   I was waved through several federale checkpoints along the route.   I was on schedule, had my day planned to arrive in Matehuala at 1 p.m.   I had planned to set up the rv  and then take a taxi to centro for lunch and a walk.  It wasn’t meant to be.

I was listening to Astrid Gilberto on the stereo.   60 kms south of Matehuala the SUV lost power and coasted to the side of the road.   I attempted to start it several times and I knew this sound from other people and one event in my life 30 some years ago.   It was a fuel problem and probably the fuel pump.  I found the fuel filter and it looked good.  Maybe an O2 sensor but the Durango has three.  Remember that the Durango is 10 years old and has over 200, 000 miles on it.   Something was bound to happen.  I also thought about the fuel pump but the AutoZone was in Matehuala.

I had the hood up and flashers on sitting on the back bumper looking for help.   In thirty minutes federales had passed three times.  I waved at two and they just ignored me.  After 45 minutes here comes a Green Angel.   I felt relieved.  I wasn’t worried or panicked but the heat and sun and Little Bit was in the car.   It was getting hot.

He turned his truck around facing mine and we chatted while he checked things out.   There was nothing he had on board to fix it so he called for a tow.   It was $2000 pesos for both vehicles.   The wait was an hour but the Green Angel stayed with  me.   It was towed just on the north side of Matehuala.   The guy tested the fuel pump and it was dead.  We called AutoZone and it would be Tuesday before they had the part.  All the local shops were closed.

The only thing that went through my mind was a horror movie where the couple gets towed to a salvage yard and they stay forever.   There were lots of old cars around the shop.  He said that Mexicans living in the U.S. come in these cars that are basically junk.  They breakdown, ask for an estimate and never return.  He can’t do anything with the vehicles for two years. 

This is where they had parked the trailer.

They set the trailer up in a field about 100 meters from the shop.  Their house is behind it.  Pretty nice too, they make a good living probably just towing people.  They were always on the go.  The guy who did the towing is the owner’s son.   He invited me to have carne asada with his family.  His sister and her kids were visiting from Colorado.   I asked the kids which they liked more; Mexico or Colorado.  They all screamed, “Mexico”.   There dad wasn’t too happy me asking them those questions.   He likes the money he makes in construction.

Monday came and we went looking for the part.  No one had it and we had to order it from San Luis Potosi.  Got all that done and it was already noon and they were hoping to have the part by 3 p.m.  It didn’t make the bus.   We waited to see if it would come at 7 and no one called so I settled in for the night.  A knock on the door came and Carlos said, “let’s roll”.   It was 8:45 and we went to town to get the part.  I slept well knowing it was time to take off.  

They were up bright and early and I was on the road at 9:15.   Arriving to San Roberto there was a 2 km checkpoint that took 45 minutes to get through.   They had military and ministeriales and they wanted to check the serial numbers on the trailer versus the paperwork.

No problem but they were local yocals with very little education and asked me for money to buy tacos or give them a dollar.   I told them to bug off.   Then they came back and wanted to see inside the trailer.  They were nice guys but very low class.  I got rid of them and took off over the mountains.  It was good to be in my home state.   As always the scenery was incredible and the drive the best.  

I arrived to the house at 2 p.m., backed the trailer right in without any guidance and no audience.  I planned on a Tuesday arrival because everything here closes on Tuesday so there wouldn’t be any traffic on the road.

Just in time for my nap.  


  1. Nice little adventure. Glad everything turned out fine!

  2. I like a story with a happy ending and a nap :)

  3. Always enjoy hearing your stories!

  4. WoW! That's crazy Chris! Makes for a good story though...... fuel pumps - the thorn in our side......

  5. A great adventure. Home safely with the kittie and vehicles.