Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dallas Bound


Took off this morning at 6 a.m. heading for McAllen.  I had a flight at 12:30 and wanted to do a little shopping beforehand.  I came across some beautiful sunrise pictures.

I pulled up to the bridge in Reynosa at 9:15 and the wait was about 15 minutes.  I was waved through without any questions.  They checked the trunk and that was about it.   I headed for Walmart, HEB and then looked for the long term parking at MFE.   No issues, walked right on the plane.  I got there as they were boarding.  I hate getting there hours early.  I've never been refused as long as I don't have any bags to check.  They checked them at the plane anyway and it saved me the $25.

Picked up my rental and headed for the office to pick up books and materials and then off to Kaufman, Tx.  I spent an hour in traffic going through Dallas.  Way too spread out for me.  Bumper to bumper the whole time.   

I finish at 3 p.m. tomorrow and then head for the airport.   Late night flight to Corpus where I will get another rental, teach on Thursday and then drive the rental back to McAllen where I pick up my VW and head home.  


  1. Dallas traffic is to be avoided if at all possible, as in Houston's. Get down to Daley Plaza if you can and explore the conspiracy theories. Always good for a couple of hours.

  2. Ahhh.....nice new header picture of your rolling home!! Thanks for sharing - again!

    1. Thanks guys! I probably need to change it more often. We have so many pics from our adventures in Mexico!