Saturday, October 31, 2015

It's Good To Have A Tight Rear End Again

The SUV needed some pretty heavy-duty suspension work done this last week.  The rear end was loose.  We found almost new used parts of a Dodge Durango that had been wrecked sometime ago.  Worked like a charm.  What a big difference.  We're trying to get a headstart on Christmas vacation and get things ready.   There is a bit more change to spend.   September and October were good to me this year and the money kind of rolled right on in.

I'm sure you're aware that Ruth and Kevin are into their first days of Colombia.  Give them a click and see what South America is all about.  I love it there and wish we were with them.  I posted on their blog today that when their six weeks are finished they will be hoping to find a way to get Sherman, their motorhome there.  We will purposely go out and buy a used Class B so we can tag along.  

Now for some pics of what has been going on.  Well, the roof was finally finished and I may have mentioned it.  The painter has returned.   I dare ask him why he hasn't brought his raggedy ass back or answered our calls over the last two weeks.  I do know because that's how things roll.   Give them 50% down and they start work.  Then they find another job and you are left holding the brush, at least in this case.   Time to do some interior work.  I had hoped to get it done before we had company but there is a lot of movement in the soil here and there are some interior cracks I wanted to have done and replastered before Ruth and Kevin showed up.  That's next and we are thinking of new kitchen tile and counter tops.   Easier when sell time comes.

Took this pic of the moon on the way to the gym in the morning.

And this one that evening.

Altar del Dia de los Muertos at school.  Monday is a holiday in some other states because they dedicate more to this celebration than we do here in the north.  No holiday for us.   In this small town all the people in the photos are related in one way or another.  As we say, "pueblo chico, infierno grande".  

Caught this van in the shopping center of HEB.  Times they are a changing.  Now you place your grocery order on line.  Same day service and it is delivered to your front door.  You can see the pickers as they move up and down the aisles of the store.  They are trained on how to pick the best produce as well as substitutions when the customer allows them.   What next?

Still no firm decision on vacation.   Maybe we'll stay home for a change.


  1. Well now... HEB is now in Mexico? My very favorite Texas store... but maybe I'd have a hard time letting someone else pick out my avocados and such..... (okay... title of your blog gave me a chuckle ;-)

  2. Happy about your rear end. Norma says you always did have a pretty nice one.

  3. Good title. I agree that picking out some things like avocados is done by one's self.