Monday, May 2, 2016

I'm A Lousy Blogger

A bit tongue in cheek but I haven't been posting much.  I mean the blog name says it all and I don't see much happening.   Some people travel in the winter and work in the summer.  For us it's the reverse.  This year I have from June 30th to September 1st.  We'll be heading to a folkloric dance festival in Zacatecas the first week of July and after that probably the sierra in Jalisco.   I may put some feelers out on Bill and Dot's Facebook page for a house sitting job or a cheap place to park the rv.  I go out to the rv almost everyday to check things out.   The batteries and the solar are just incredible.   I sit there sometimes thinking of all the places we've been and where we will go.  Every trip is a new adventure.

The last couple of months we have had a nightly visitor who has been cleaning out the cat food dish.  We caught him on camera several times and I had look for a tlacuachero or a possum trap.  But this wasn't a possum.   A beautiful cat that has been living on the empty lot next door.   Some distant cousin of our cat Little Bit based on his size, markings and color.   They never played together but would observe each other.

Well, last week I heard someone in the food dish but with a ferocious appetite.   I tiptoed out to the living room and there it was.  I ran for the front door and then for the patio door closing this baby in.  He literally destroyed the mini-blinds in the studio.  He scaled the windows, screens and blinds.   We were in a panic.   We grabbed a rope, made a noose and slipped it around its neck.  We turned the cat carrier on its end and dropped him in.  

The next day he was off to the vet to be cleaned, fixed and ready for adoption.   It took only three days before someone was looking for a cat to hunt mice in his ranch house.   This guy fit the bill!  We are happy to have fixed another one.   

Then on Sunday, I went to buy the newspaper and I was met by a beautiful Irish Setter mix.  She was starving.  I bought her some cinnamon rolls and she scarfed those down.  I'm looking for her now and hope to rescue her.  She is a real charm.  She may have moved on though.

This Friday is a holiday and we will be going to San Antonio on Thursday afternoon.  A major hailstorm passed through the area about 10 days ago.   Our house, along with all of the neigbors, sustained damage.   We'll see when we get there.

I'll be back on the road the 17th of May heading to Mexico City for two days and then to Merida where I will be the plenary speaker at a convention.  Have you heard of Electracy?


  1. Chris you have a big heart and those cats and dogs know it! You and Juan are doing a great thing for these stray animals in your area.

    1. Thanks Ruth. We truly appreciate that and I'm sure the animals do too!

    2. Wow that certainly was a major attempt on your part to catch the poor cat. Hopefully it will have a purrfect life form now on.

      Good luck with those summer plans.