Saturday, May 14, 2016

Not Even One Bite

I posted on "On The Road In" Facebook page this week looking for a place to stay in Mexico or even do some housesitting/ rv park sitting or light maintenance for the summer.  Not even a suggestion.  Les sent me the link to Trusted House Sitters but that didn't look too inviting.  Most are people with picky pets and they want you to be there all the time.   I want a place to take the rv and spend a couple of months.  Looks like it will be the old stomping grounds we enjoy the most; Valle de Juarez or San Miguel de Allende.   I guess we could split up the time between the two.

I've been working like a dog this last two weeks writing my talks for my trip this week to Mexico City and Merida.   My research has taken me about four months and it all falls into the same category.  How to get students and teachers alike involved in the use of technology in the classroom.  People are addicted to their screens, not to the internet.  Interestingly enough, the same happened to television.  

Up until 1961 there was mostly garbage on tv.  Then someone said it was time to find space for something with more substance and educational shows started to appear.  We are there with the internet.  Facebook is filled mostly with silly videos and stuff someone else has made up.  Austin Powers parody in one of his movies showing the video of a monkey scratching his behind sums it up.

That's pretty much where kids are today (and parents) with the internet.  It just happens to be the world's largest library at your finger tips.  Anyway, I could go on but we are trying to find a way to educate today's youth about the use of internet for educational purposes as well as entertainment.  Teachers shy from using technology in the classroom for lack of skills in technology.   We are after all, 16 years into the 21st century and the "life skills" we are supposed to have brought on board since then.  

There is a great documentary based on extensive research that has recently come out and here is the trailer:


  1. Thanks for sharing that trailer, I will keep an eye out for it.

    Two months in Valle de Juárez and San Miguel de Allende sounds just fine to me!

  2. I was watching a teenager yesterday using his smartphone in Alamos. Wondered if this technology is helping raise the literacy rate? You have to be able to read to navigate.

  3. Have you tried googling "house sit in Mexico"? I believe Kevin said that there was a site that was solely for Mexico.

    If you are looking for something new you could try Arturo's place, it is near Morelia, we stayed there with the caravan and don't forget there is also Valle de Bravo.

  4. Looks like it will be the old stomping grounds we enjoy the most; Valle de Juarez or San Miguel de Allende.

    Seriously? I don't get it. There's a whole big Mexico out there. You've said yourself that you'd like to do more exploring. I still say that you'd love it at Chago's Marina, and Valle de Bravo. And, you could stay there for a couple of months.

    1. No probably not. Juan only gets two weeks and we want to go someplace close that's cool without doing a lot of driving. After that I'm on my own or come back and sit in the heat of Monterrey. Valle de Bravo doesn't interest me. We have thought about Mexiquillo, Durango or somewhere else in Durango. The coasts and most of northern Mexico are out because of the heat. You need to come here and travel from May to September then maybe you'll understand :)

    2. We would love to come to Mexico at that time of year and one day we will. I can guarantee you that wherever we go will be somewhere in the mountains! :-) Hope you come up with a plan.