Sunday, May 22, 2016

Summer Spot - Looks Like We Have a Winnerf

On our way home from Mazatlan we passed a small town called La Ciudad, Durango.  The restaurant we ate at (really it was someone's house) was right next to the road to "Mexiquillo, Durango".  As you can tell by the pics its mostly mountainous and lots of waterfalls.  The best part is the weather.  For the month of May the highs are 24C and the lows 8C.  I like having the electric blanket on at night and waking up to the cool, crisp mountain air. 

I have two to three months so I have a plan.  We want to be in Zacatecas for a week-long folkloric dance festival and then go to Mexiquillo.   That will be about two weeks.  After, I'll spend some time in San Miguel de Allende and in August work my way up to Peña de Bernal and then on to Ciudad Valle in San Luis Potosi.   After that, I'll slowly make my way back home in time for school or really, in my case, traveling for teacher training in various parts of the country.

While I was in Mexico City this last week I was asked to attend a meeting of directors from seven South American countries.  They are all interested in having me work with them this next year.  Of course my answer was yes!  I had the opportunity with McGraw Hill back in 2003-2004 and took advantage of it except for a visit to Machu Pichu.  Not a mistake, but an opportunity missed.   It will always be there and hopefully if I am invited, I can take advantage of it. 

As for travel in Mexico, I was also in Merida where I opened a regional convention with my talk on Electracy.   The weather sucks.  It was 37C and the humidity was 95% so that's why it has been hard to want to accept travel anywhere other than SMA and Valle de Juarez.  This looks like it might work though.  

I'll post pics of my work in Merida later this week for those interested as well as my family.  Looks like my oldest sister is visiting the blog now.  


  1. Now that definitely sounds like a winner! The pictures look gorgeous, I can't wait to see what you have planned for hikes and seeing the sights there. Also I am jealous that you will be headed to Ciudad Valle, this was on our list for last winter but then we ended up taking over the caravan for the month so the Ciudad Valle area will have to wait for another visit. You are going to have a fantastic summer.

    1. The national park is almost 30,000 acres so we are excited to start checking to see what trails they have apart from all the waterfalls. I think the place may have been used to film some sci-fi movies because it says it looks like the lunar surface.

    2. Can't wait see your posts and pictures! :-)

  2. Looking forward to reading all about it.

  3. Sounds like the plan is coming together! Great to be in demand. But, sounds like you won't be coming our way. We'll just have to come back this winter then!

  4. Chris I think that is perfect, enough change to make it interesting and adventuresome. SA sounds fantastic. You have a great life.