Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Pool Leak - Eight Years Later


Funny how things turn out and how we rely on a person's expertise.  We've had a pool leak for years.  I don't know where the water goes but we are sure to find out soon.  The purpose of this post is that the word "expert" leads me to believe they really don't exist.  In my work with publishing, they call me an expert.  I tell them they don't really exist and those that I considered experts have long been dead.

Over the last eight years we have had people who used gas LP, uprooted trees, broke into the pool deck, drilled holes, dug up parts of the yard, brought in a cement cutter,  all in pursuit of the infamous leak.  Year after year we pursued the problem and each year we came up empty. 

Sometimes the solution is easier than we think.  Hey, I'm not a pool man and believe it or not, there ar lots of pool companies around here.   Afterall, if you have a "quinta" you have to have a pool.  You'll never sell your place without it and if you do it will be way below market value.  None of the pool companies around here will even touch a pool leak.  Why?  They know they are almost impossible to find without digging everything up.  We even hired casa-fugas, or water leak hunters.  Remember that when you live in a concrete and cement house, a leak in a water line can mean breaking up the foundation in any room in your house and digging down into the earth below.  Even the casa-fugas couldn't find it.  

In the end, the leak has come to an end.  It was simple and maybe not a permanent solution but we will soon find out.  I'm sure you all remember the well-known auto product, Bars Leak to stop radiator leaks?   It's the same thing.  It's called Fix-a-Leak.   Comes in a one quart bottle and you dump it down the skimmer. 

We did it on Saturday following the instructions.  Let the filter run for 20 minutes and turned everything off for 48 hours.   Today the pool man came to clean and fill the pool.  The leak is gone.  Total cost for the product, $45 U.S.  After researching the product, it is the product most recommended by pool companies in the U.S.  



  1. Wow! Such a simple fix after years of toil.

  2. Wouldn't you know it! All that frustration and expense and it turns out to be a cheap fix!

  3. Fantastic! I was surprised to find a patch kit that could be installed on our vinyl pool underwater. Just put the "glue" on the patch and set it with your feet. Friend of mine tore up his house looking for a pipe leak in a concrete floor. Guy wth the jack hammer asked the boss why the hole was dry if there was a leak in the floor. Another worker said he had seen this once and it was a ice maker hose. Yep. That's what it was.