Friday, May 17, 2019

Horses - I Still Got It!

Okay, so here I am on one of the horses.  I still got it.  It took a bit to get my big behind adjusted on the saddle.  A couple of trips up and down the drive and then we went for a ride.  There are ten acres so there is plenty of room to continue practice.   I want to ride at least two times a week.

Group shot after our initiation and practice.  That's Marti, a wonderful lady.

Some information about the house.  It is on ten acres, has two bedrooms, two baths, porches on both sides to see the sunrise on one and sunset on the other.   The area is surrounded by pine trees and the wonderful new paved road takes you all the way into Santa Clara.  The living room has a fireplace will be using soon as the rains will come in the next weeks.   The three dogs, Megan, Sam and Charlie are all well-trained and loveable.   We are reallly enjoying the poodle, Charlie.  The other two are boxer and pitbull.  The pitbull is a year old and a big baby.  Or thinks he is.

We went into town for some vegetables; tomatoes, potatoes, onions, a bottle of cream and a head of lettuce.  53 pesos.   On the way home, we forgot avocados so we stopped at a small store that was receiving a truckload of avocados.  He insisted we take two large and ripe ones for free.  Ok!  We had to taste something while we were waiting for Juan's laptop to be cleaned and I have my phone in town for a new glass because I dropped it and it is cracked.

We had a farewell dinner last night.  Marti and Toñio leave today.  A great arrechera with a cinnamon, tequila, chile pequin, and garlic.   Along with a baked potato and salad.   Wine, of course, it was a meal fit for a king.  We all seem to get along really well and work in the kitchen together.

We walk down every night to close the gate.  Nice, isn't it?


  1. Wow..nice place! You look very comfortable on the horse.

  2. Wow. Just WOW! You two score on house-sits! ;) Beautiful!!