Sunday, May 19, 2019

On Our Own Now

This is Charlie.  He's a lap dog and he is with me all the time now.

The owners left on Friday and now we are on our own.  So far so good.  The neighbor's house is for sale.  I will post information if anyone is interested.  A very good deal, btw.  We took one of the dogs down to the house for the night.  Since the house is alone the owners thought it would be a good idea.  It is a nice two bedroom, two baths with an additional cottage everything included with a great fireplace.   There is a big wall around the property and we made it so that there was nothing for the dog to climb up on to get out over the wall.  A great evening and off to bed.  Then at 1 a.m., the dogs started barking.  Imagine your first night in the middle of nowhere.   We got up and there he was, the big lug sitting at the front door wagging his tail.   He was able to jump over the wall, run over here to the house and jump the fences.   

Yesterday we went into town early in the morning.  We were on the hunt for a gym.  I need the routine and exercise is always good for you.   There are supposed to be three gyms in the little town.  The two we saw that were close to the plaza just wouldn't work.   Very poor and only a few pieces of equipment.  The third one we found was a deal.  200 pesos a month.  The owner gave us a discount as he is a teacher as well.   So tomorrow, Monday, we go back to the gym.  I'm happy about that.

The town is all about copper and in the past, copper mining.  We will learn the history of the town much of which has to do with Don Vasco from Spain.   We looked in a few shops and of course, there are some great pieces of copper at very good prices.   There is a lot to the copper story but I won't tell it until we are no longer here along with that of the avocado industry.  

The worker left at 2 p.m. and later on in the day we fed the horses and put them up for the night.  The dogs get fed at around 5:30 and then it's time for happy hour.

I grilled some meat for supper and we split a baked potato and a big salad.  It was really good.  We watched a Netflix documentary about menstruation in India and how women have found a way to overcome what they believe is a certain shame.  They now make their own pads whereas before they really didn't exist in India.  It is a very interesting story about women working together and educating men.  Funny, they interviewed grown men as well as high school students who didn't know what it was.  Different culture.

Time goes by when there is somewhat of a schedule so I can imagine that will be happening here.  The last two nights we went to bed early and I am back to getting up by 5:30 without an alarm clock.  

Always a sunset to end the evening.


  1. Interesting documentary. I don't know how ancient women took care of themselves either.

  2. Poor dog, probably thought that you are punishing him by locking him in a strange yard. Sad enough that his parents had left him and then to be taken away from his fur family as well. Lovely digs you have for the next several weeks.

    1. He's a farm dog, that's his job. He's a just a big bag of love.

  3. Good dog that he wants to stay home...wish our neighbors dog did!