Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Water Conservation and Composting Toilets

It's hot here in Monterrey.   35C today and it will be that way all this week.  Glad we're leaving soon.

I've been walking 20 km every day.  10 km in the morning and 10 km in the late afternoon.  I haven't been going to the gym due to some minor surgery as well as the fact that I can't imagine paying for a full month at the gym if we are only going to be here for 11 days this month. 

So my question for today has been in my head for the last year or more.  Why are we using water to flush toilets when we can easily compost?  Composting toilets in rvs are becoming more and more common.  They leave no odor and you can separate liquids from solids.   It creates good dark earth that can be used as topsoil for growing crops, a home garden and bringing oxygen to the planet.  

I think I will make a temporary composting toilet from a bucket and use it while we are gone for six weeks to test it.   With number 1, we flush maybe two times a day as I go outside in my giant garden most of the time.   You know the saying, " if it's yellow let it mellow" and we do that all the time here at home as well as when we are on the road.  Talk about saving water, it really works.  So you clean the toilet a bit more often than normal.  Big deal.  Check out "liquid gold" and how you can use your urine for the good of the planet.

Take a test.  Keep a paper and pencil in your bathroom(s) at home or in the rv and do a tally of how many times you flush the toilet.   You'd be surprised how much water is used and it doesn't matter if it's being sent to a treatment plant or not.  We could cut down on the cost of infrastructure, water systems, and damage to the environment.  

Imagine if you could create great top soil from your poop.    


  1. Interesting post. I agree with it all for the most part but it isn't as easy for a female. Yes I am guilty of flushing a lot.

  2. You are now officially Doug's hero.....He has gone on and on about the composting toilet for years!! I would assume that, one day in the future, we will have one!!