Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Getting Over My Altitude Sickness


Now the routine is setting in and it will be time this week to get out and do some sightseeing.   I hadn't said anything but I was really feeling ill with the change in altitude.   It doesn't always happen but when it does I feel like I am in a fog of some kind all day.  I have my new blood pressure cuff with me and my pressure was up to 140 over 88.  It has settled now to 111 over 80.   

This is one of many pics you'll see in the coming weeks.  The scenery is beautiful!  This is the road we take every day to the gym.  It's about 15 minutes or less and the drive is always nice.

I took this picture of the gym off of Google.  I didn't want to take pics while people are there, especially on our second day.   They are still a bit shy about talking to us as we are foráneos.  Plus, they are worried I don't speak Spanish although we speak Spanish in public almost all the time.  Good workout, good equipment, a small gym but adequate for our needs.

These guys just graze in the sun all day.  They go out at 9:30 in the morning and come back in the afternoon at 5:00 to be fed.  Gentle horses, well-trained and behaved.  I need to get back out this week but the sun is so brutal at this altitude.   We are doing brisk walking also every afternoon before happy hour.  

This is a van I spotted a couple of days before we left.  Perfect for a class B.  It is the extended version and has the high top.  I doubt it will be around when we get back home but the price seems to be good for the year.  We'd want to have it gone over before even thinking about buying it.

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