Sunday, December 5, 2010

The 16 Most Dangerous Points On Mexican Highways

First, I apologize for not posting this sooner. It will be interesting to who has already driven these highways only to tell us they had a ball driving them and that the scenery is fantastic and I hope that is what we hear.

I found this list in the El Norte newspaper on Sunday, November 21, 2010. The Policia Federal has established 16 high-risk points for transporters as well as drivers in general.

Sinaloa Hwy 80
  • Los Mochis - Toll booth Cuatro Caminos
  • Culiacán - La Reforma
  • Los Mochis - Limites de Sonora
Queretero Hwy 70
  • Libramiento Noreste
  • San Gil - Palo Alto (San Juan del Rio)
Zacatecas Hwy 34
  • Rio Grande - Limites San Luis Potosí
Puebla Hwy 32
  • Amozoc - Quecholac
Tlaxcala Hwy 29
  • Huamantla - Cuapiaxtla
Veracruz Hwy 85
  • Villa Aldama - Xalapa
  • Nautla - Emilio Carranza
  • Coatzacoalcos - Limites Tabasco
Durango Hwy 24
  • Entronque La Presa - El Vergel
Guerrero Hwy 23
  • Chilpancingo - Puente Solidaridad
  • Las Salinas - Tecpan de Galeana
Hidalgo Hwy 13
  • Puente Julián Villagran - La Aduana (Ixmiquilpan)
Three other areas I'm not listing are in the D.F. metro area in Estado de Mexico, Morelia and the Big Tamal. The associated risk is set at roughly 30% although some of these areas have not had reported incidences which may mean there have been issues that have gone unreported.


  1. Thanks for this, very good info and I'll pass it along to the posters here in the highlands.
    Be safe.

  2. And someone asked -- What is the criteria being used - are we talking about holdups, carjacking, traffic accidents or what??

  3. El Jubilado, it includes cargo as well as cars, mostly new model suvs. No rvs are in the report. They don't mention day or night although I am sure the majority of incidences is cargo and night time travel.

  4. Wow, 30% risk! That's about 1 incident for every 3 vehicles. Now when information is at least plausible I'll take it seriously but 30%, really? No doubt the risk has risen and the border danger needs to be respected. We cross early in the morning with a full tank, stay on the main roads (mostly Hwy. 57) and try not to stop until we get hundreds of miles south. So far so good.
    Xcalak Marty

  5. Anyone know about the city of Los Mochis? I work there occasionally and my boss & company are "concerned" about my health & wellness. Thanks.

  6. It's really dangerous to drive in Mexico, that's why I always travel with a car insurance, like BestMex, so in case anything happened, I know I have coverage.