Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Love The Funfinder


Sorry but I am at a FedEx office. The rv park has no internet. I told my friend Sam that I can't rate his driveway with a five star until he gets internet :). I am looking for a two wire modem today. I need internet.
Got here just fine yesterday. The drive was fast but the border traffic stank. Took me over an hour. They wanted to ding me for telling them the SUV is mine when it is in Juan's name. Here in Mexico you can't have more than one name on the title or registration. I showed them the insurance with both names. They said they couldn't see the truck on their computer. It takes pictures of every crossing and attaches it to your passport number. I said we always cross at McAllen and haven't used the truck at the border for a couple of years because of the security problem. They let me pass.
I stopped counting the paisanos that passed me on the highway in Mexico. After 15 minutes I counted 50 and it was just non-stop after that. Too many people coming I don't care what the media says. Also, the ole King of Kino is at it again. He says Mexico tourism is down. Au contraire. Mexico tourism is up 17 to 20 % for the year. Americans aren't the only ones who travel to Canada. Europeans, especially Eastern Europeans flock to the Yucatan and other beach areas during the winter to escape the harshness of their winters. So how can I prove this? Check the immigration website. It shows all the tourist visas issued by month and year. It is so obvious. But, some people talk out of their rear ends. I prefer the facts. I may just take the time to do a write up and post it in hopes the King gets his feathers ruffled.
Back to the rv now. I need to get the LP gas tanks set up. Some things didn't get done as promised from the factory. Who cares. I am off the ground and sleepin on wheels.


  1. "Check the immigration website. It shows all the tourist visas issued by month and year."

    Tourist cards are not Visas. Do you have the link to the website you mention? Does it also include tourist card numbers?

    I think that is what is down, not Visas.

  2. Here's the website http://inm.gob.mx/

    Mexican immigration refers to the card as a visa.

  3. I think I know who you mean by the King of Kino. i wrote him a PM about a month ago that I thought you would enjoy (abbreviated):

    "I have followed this forum for years and years, and now I cringe when I see a posting from you. ...
    Like a fretful grandfather you are constantly reminding us little ones to be careful crossing the street, etc. GIVE IT A BREAK. There is a torrent of warnings out there and you are absorbing them as your mantra too. As you keep repeating the stories about the boogiemen, the children will have nightmares.
    I think, and this could be a little disrespectful, that you are getting older and are getting a little nostalgic for the "good old days" when we were younger, and more open to adventure and the unknown. (Yes I read your postings about that too.)
    If it is your choice to remain stuck in your little north west corner of the country, fine. You needn't keep justifying your choice, and be the gargoyle at the gates to the rest of the country.