Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Almost Time To . . . . .

Get that rv on the road. Yippie! Looks like I may take off on my own with the cats on Sunday so I can get the trailer ready, hooked up and taken for a test run. We will then stay in San Antonio for Christmas and then head down to meet up with Croft and Norma and whoever else will be around them. Depending on where we end up for New Year's we will meander our way back to the border and do the importation of the trailer.

We received good news today from the manufacturer. They had the list price on the invoice with the discount they gave us. We would have had to pay 0n that amount. I called the factory and they have decided that they can invoice us for the actual amount paid. Wow, that will make it even better for us. I still don't know if it will fit through the gates once we get it home but that will be dealt with then. It will only give me the excuse to sleep in the trailer at night.

We lost a fur friend this week. 15 years ago we were at our friend's house. Juan saw a small dachshund get hit by a car. He became Little Bit with a bad front foot who spent his life with a great family and overcame his severe limp. He carried that damaged leg around all those years and never complained. He brought all of us a lot of good times and he loved to sit on my lap. I begged to take him rving but he suffered from car sickness. The last time we were in San Antonio he was so feeble that his tail was crooked from arthritis and he couldn't get very far without falling over. Well, now he's with Gum, Timber, Gingi, Maggie, Scarlet and Chester chasing squirrels and sniffing and licking each other. I know they are waiting for us and we are anxious to meet up with them again.

On another topic, my good friend Carlos Slim has done it again. Since 1996 he has paid the bail for almost 84,000 prisoners who have committed petty crimes and are first time offenders. The bail is around 500 dollars per person and this year he is paying for 8000 people. If it weren't for someone paying the bail these people would spend years in prison or local jails. For me, it is a good thing.

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