Saturday, December 4, 2010

I Don't Know Why But . . .

Some people just really know how to push my buttons. I promised myself I wouldn't post on the Mexico forum on I did pretty good going a full year. Then, one thread really yanked my chain.

I guess I don't know why it is so hard for people to accept the truth about things. In this case it was about ULSD fuel. Of course, someone had to call it American fuel. Why does everything have to belong to the good ole U.S. of A? Well, ULSD doesn't belong to the U.S., it has been produced in Europe since 1992, a long time before the U.S. every decided to refine it and make it mandatory. Actually, the U.S. is way behind Europe and Asia in many things. And that's another thing that hacks me off. People like to refer to the U.S. as America. Ask people in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama, and many other countries on the American continent if they are Americans. They will all answer yes.

So then, this guy has the balls to refute in a very sarcastic and cynical tone my conversation with an external Pemex consultant on my flight to Bogotá. The Ccnsultant confirmed what was true. Mexico sells ULSD at the stations on my list. He also verified that the person who sends me the list is a trustworthy source. I don't mind criticism or anyone who wants to challenge a claim, but the condescending tone is what burns my butt.

All I wanted to do is present the facts. One thing that is very hard to find on the Rv.Net is facts. Most people post information based on "a" personal experience and that becomes the norm or they just talk out of their rear ends.

I'm over it now and this will be the end of it. I'm not a hot head but I mean really. We have some fantastic sources, foreigners who live in Mexico fulltime and who have not just personal experience to share but facts that most people can't get riding around in an rv a couple of months a year. However, it is information that would be useful to rvers as they make their treks south.

That's another one that gets my goat, banking and credit/debit card use. What better source than people who live and bank in Mexico and use their credit/debit card for everything from gas to groceries and do all our banking online. Back a few years, the Comandante of Kino swore that ATMs were not available in Mexico. Sure, his Mexico, that little dirt devil of a town he hails as his Mexico. Now, years later he says ATMs are all over Mexico. I tried to tell people but they would have rather believed an rver who rarely ventures a couple of hundred kms south of the border versus someone who travels for their job in Mexico and couldnt survive without ATMs.

I'll never win the battle and their ignorance can't be changed as they have their minds made up that only in the U.S. could things work so great and be so wonderful. Makes you wonder why they come to Mexico and then want to talk it down the rest of the year.


  1. That's ok! I've been trying to get people I know to buy Gold since 2001, and they just look at me like I'm nuts. Then years go buy and they say, "Are you still buying gold?" I say, "Yes!" And they say, "I would, but it seems too high." Some people are just idiots.

  2. I know I am not the only one out here who values your time and effort and the help you I THANK you!!!!! Don't stop I believe you over any of those posting disparaging remarks....right on!!! Les

  3. Bought gas at a Pemex yesterday. Guess what? Paid with a credit card. Who would've thought????

    Oh, and buy some gold...Mike is right. Gold isn't even close to "high".

  4. Chris, you were the topic of conversation at the Wandering Willy / Croft & Norma campsite on Friday night. We said someone must have really yanked your chain to get you posting again!

  5. Kevin is right about gold! My precious metals fund has gone from $22 to $78 in a little over two years and from $72 to $78 in the last week. I may have to become a capitalist if this keeps up!

  6. Try not to sweat the little stuff dude. There are a lot more of us who benefit from your experiences than not. Keep on writing and posting.