Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sorry, I'm Glad It's Them Instead of Me

Oh the humanity! I love snow. I love it so much I asked my brother in Cincinnati to go outside and take pictures. Now that I've seen it, I remember why I also hate it so much. The cold that runs through your bones, never being able to get your feet warm, that mushy slush that becomes what we used to call mashed potatoes and gravy and sticks to your car eating away at the paint and the metal. Oh did I mention how I made my school and spending money? Oh yes, shoveling snow. Pushing that shovel, and to keep my hands warm I would balance that shovel handle just above my groin and then, wang, I would hit a crack in the sidewalk. Ouch!

I am certain of why I live in Mexico. I am not found of extreme heat either but I will take that over what's in these photos any day.

Snowbirds rejoice and those that have chosen to live in Mexico get down and kiss the ground you are standing on.



  1. Lol...we HATE the cold too. I will take +30C over -30C any day of the year! I wish to never again do a Canadian winter!

  2. I've never lived around snow, it seems very dangerous to me. I am kissing the cold ground here in Merida. I just wish it wasn't cold concrete tile.

  3. Jonna,

    my next Mexican house will have heated floors under the tile. I like to walk around in my socks but the floors are too cold.