Friday, December 2, 2011

Can't Wait Any Longer

Too much to talk about without having a specific title and I have tons of pictures to post.  I wonder how much space I have left on Blogger to continue without starting a LivingBoondockingMexico Blog "2".  Hmmm. 

The big problem this week is with the video card from the camera.  Looks like it picked up a virus from the Estafeta office in SMA when we were there.  Now I can't open or download any pictures from it and that is why I haven't been posting.  I wanted to show off our lovely Thanksgiving dinner I made in San Antonio.  Here is what I started to write the other day.
We came back from San Antonio on the "libre" Sunday afternoon.  No problems crossing the border.  In fact, there were no U.S. agents checking before crossing into Mexico and on the Mexico side we slid right through although we had less than the franquisia of 300 dollars a per person.  The skies were clear, the views fantastic and the conversation the best!

That was as far as I got when I gave up on the pictures.   So here we almost a week later and since we returned home Sunday from our San Antonio adventure I went to Saltillo on Tuesday for two days to teach a course to state and federal teachers.  It was a blast, their English is fantastic, they love their jobs and were excited about having me.

I stayed at a nice hotel, Nuvó.  It is about 10 minutes from downtown and had everything I wanted and for a price of only 690 pesos tax included.  Very nice.  I took the libre to Saltillo also.  The drive is much more scenic than the autopista.

I'm now preparing for a trip to Chihuahua on Monday.  Another course and two days.  The flights suck but I have no other options.  The flight going stinks, it leaves on VivaAerobus at 6 a.m. and arrives at 6:30 a.m.  The return flight is great, on AeroMexico.

VivaAerobus charges you to make your reservation on line.   Plus, if you don't go through the menu correctly, they are now charging you 100 pesos for a calendar, the donations go to cancer.  I don't mind donating but don't try and skate me into doing it so you can say you raised so much money.  I called to make the reservation, and guess what?  They charge to make the reservation over the phone too.   So I went back to the internet.  Boy, they get you coming and going.  Still cheaper than all the rest though.

More to come. 

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