Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Comes Early!

All I have heard this week on the news is about all the price increaeses for the new year.  Happens December.  The local media really knows how to stir up the masses.  No doubt though that prices have and will go up but they don't tell the whole story.

Frijol went up considerably, sure it is a Mexican staple but the drought this year really did in the crops.  Milk and tortillas have gone up but again they twist the story to make it sound like it is the government's fault.  What really happened?  Again, because of the drought, corn took a beating this year.  Last year a ton of corn went for 3300 pesos, this year a ton is going for 6500 pesos.  All up in arms.   Well, that is how the world turns and people still aren't able to grasp it.  If bread is cheaper, buy bread.  Or even better, learn to be a good shopper.  All major supermarkets use tortillas as a leader item along with other basic products (canasta basica).   Tortillas at HEB, Soriana, etc. are going for 6.50 a kilo instead of the new price of 14 pesos.  They aren't making much on it but it gets people in the door.

I mentioned milk, why all the stink about milk?  Milk for the most part comes from Liconsa, a government agency that gives milk to families with kids for free.  Sad part is, grandma, whose kids and grandkids are all grown up, still stands in line with her card saying she had five mouths to feed and pays nothing for milk only to turn around and sell it.  Brother!

So how is Christmas coming early this year?  Thanks to my buddy and capitalist Carlos Slim, I received my phone bill in the mail today.  Yippie.  I hit the jackpot.  Calls made from land lines to cell phones will drop 47% starting January 1st.  Also, all regular service will see a 3% decrease in price.  Made my day!  Didn't take a government agency to screw everyone on price fixing, it took an entrepreneur to do something great.  Sad part is, you won't hear this on the news, or about the other products have lower prices this month.  Only the bad news.

Government needs to keep their hands out of people's business. 

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  1. Government needs to keep their hands out of people's business.

    You would go CRAZY in Canaduh!